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Bhutan East-West Travel (11 Nights & 12 Days)

This Bhutan Travel Tour is one of the longest journeys in Bhutan specially designed to cover the entire major sights from east to west of Bhutan. Enter from Eastern Bhutan Samdrup Jongkhar and fly out from Paro Airport or vice versa, experiencing both air and Overland journeys is one of the highlight of Bhutan Tour.

Bhutan Travel Overview.

  • Visit eastern Bhutan. This place is hardly visited by tourists.
  • This Bhutan travel will take you through the footsteps of Guru Rinpoche throughout the country where he has built many monasteries, hidden with many secrets and treasures left back by Guru Rinpoche.
  • Most of the history is foretold in the form of paintings on the walls of the monasteries. Your guide will take you through this pilgrimage, Journey To enjoy Bhutan travel.

Value Added Tour:
We will provide you with a good English speaking MONK guide who can take you through
the spiritual journey of Bhutan.


DAY 09: BUMtHANG TO PARO VIA DOMESTIC AIR                          
DAY 10: PARO TIGER NEST HIKE                      
DAY 11: PARO TOUR                  

Day 01. Arrival-Thimphu.

Landing at Paro airport is one of the most beautiful experiences one can experience. Your Bhutan Travel tour starts as soon as you land at Paro airport because the airport is open valley where mountain view and village is clearly visible from the airfield. Many love to take selfie with mountain view.  It is the only the International airport in Bhutan which handles around 5 to 6 flights per day by the small strip of airfield.

Paro is one of the most beautiful valley in Bhutan. The top highlight of Paro tour is the famous Tiger Nest Hike which you hike on the last day of Bhutan Tour.

Immigration do not take long and upon getting the Bhutan Visa stamp on your passport your tour guide from the company will receive you at the exit with welcome white scarf. You will drive directly to Thimphu which is 1 hour leisure drive through winding road of Himalayas. On the way visit Tamchog Lhakhang 15km away from airport. The temple is privately owned connected by iron bridge built by famouse saint Thangthong Gyalpo.

Further drive towards thimphu is the confluence where two river meets from Thimphu and Paro meets. Drive to thimphu and leisure at Thimphu Town.

travel to Bhutan

 Explore Tamchog temple while traveling Thimphu from Paro

Day 02. Thimphu Tour: Thimphu is the new capital of Bhutan and it was only declared in 1961 by 3rd King of Bhutan. Thimphu is one of the most crowded city of Bhutan with over 60000 people living in the city. Thimphu offers beauty of modern development to ancient structure. Your visit Includes Memorial Chorten built in the memory of 3rd King followed by simply Bhutan Museam. Simply Bhutan is an interactive ‘living’ museum that gives a quick introduction to various aspects of traditional life in Bhutan. It also gives you the experience of Archery shooting, Dart Game, Traditional dance and Music.

In the afternoon visit Royal Textile museam which houses the best textile of Bhutan. It displays the royal Robe worn by the Kings of Bhutan. Across the courtyard is the Royal Textile Academy conservation centre, where you can watch a small group of weavers working their looms.

Day 03 Thimphu to Punakha: Today you will drive to Punakha. Punakha is the old capital of Bhutan during Shabdrung rule. It is also the winter residence of Central Monk body. The drive takes you through Dochula pass one of the most beautiful pass during your Bhutan Travel. On the east west road Journey from Thimphu and further east in the Himalayas amidst the Eastern Himalayan snow-covered mountains the snow clad mountain peaks of the Himalayas are seen prominently and among them is the Mt. Masanggang at 7,158 metres (23,484 ft) which is the highest peak in Bhutan, known in local language as the Mt. Gangkar Puensum. The pass also celebrates the Druk Wangyel festival every year to remember the fallen soldier in 2003 war.

After lunch visit the famous temple of fertility also called Chimi Lhakhang (No Dog temple). Visit the largest and most beautiful important Punakha Dzong. The Dzong is located between two rivers Pho chu and Mochu. The river is fed by glacier from Tibet and northern mountains. The Dzongs holds the secret relics of the southern Drukpa Lineage of the Kagyu school of Tibetan Budhism including the Rangjung Kharsapani and the sacred remains of Ngawang Namgyal and the famous treasure Hunter Pema Lingpa. The Dzong is must visit place in Bhutan.


Dochula monastery Bhutan Travel

 Dochula pass Monastery on the way to Punakha from Thimphu


Day 04: Punakha to Phobjikha: Phobjikha is must visit places during Bhutan Travel. Phobjikha is U shaped glacial valley located 3 hours drive from Punakha. The gracefull Black Necked Crane from Tibetan plateau visit the valley during winter to roost. The bird circumbulate the famouse Gangtey monastery 3 times while coming and going. The famouse Blacl necked Crane festival is celebrated every year on 11th November to welcome the bird.You will also visit the monastery during the sightseeing. Evening at Hotel.

Travel in Bhutan

Explore Valley of Phobjikha during summer

Day 05: Phobjikha to Trongsa: Nature trail hike at Phobjikha is one of the beautiful experience one can explore. Before taking breakfast we will hike the trail early in the morning. The hike is approximately 1 hour from the starting point till Hotel. After breakfast we start our journey to Trongsa which is another must visit places in Bhutan. It is 65Km from Phobjikha to Trongsa and takes about 2.5 hours. Visit Trongsa Dzong, Trongsa Dzong use to be the most powerfull Dzong in Bhutan during 1st King time. Traditionally King of Bhutan must become Trongsa Poenlop before naming crowned Prince and eventually the King of Bhutan.

After lunch visit the royal heritage Museam located just above the Trongsa Dzong. It was established in 2008 and remains open from 9AM to 5Pm(Monday to Friday). The museam hold one of the most important relics like Thangkas, Sculptures, Bronzes, Decorative arts, Arms and Armor, Ritual objects and Masks. Evening at Hotel Yangkhil Resort.

Trongsa Dzong
 View of Trongsa Dzong while traveling from Trongsa to Bumthang.


Day 06: Trongsa to Bumthang: It is 80KM from Trongsa to Bumthang and approximately takes 3 hours. Bumthang is one of the most beautiful wide valley and it is one of the most historic district considering the ancient monastery and secret sights. The valley consist of 4-mountain valley of Tang, Choekar, Ura and Chumey. The first day of Bumthang sight includes visit to small town of Bumthang.

Day 07: Bumthang Sightseeing: Your tour starts from a visit to Jakar Dzong built in the 17th century, the name Jakar was originated from the place itself. It was said that lama Nagi Wangchuk, great grandfather of Zhabdrung came to this place and was looking for a site to build his hermitage. He saw a white bird flying from the place where the Dzong stands today. So he took it as a good omen and named the place Jakar means ‘white bird’, now houses the district headquarter and more than 60 monks of Bumthang. 

In the afternoon visit the famous monastery Jambhay Lhakhang. One of the most secret Jambhay Lhakhang festival is celebrated yearly.

Day 08: Bumthang Ura Valley Excursion: The valley is surrounded by the lush terraced fields, beautiful zig-zag roads, black mountains and lofty hills dotted with alpine trees. The valley also famous for Masutake Festival which takes place every year in August. The Ura valley excursion is about 48Km from Jakar valley Bumthang and lies at an altitude of 3100m below Thrumshingla pass. Ura valley is fmouse for roseship plants which are also made in a form of a tea. The Ura temple which was inaugurated to the Bhudhist master is one of the highlight of Ura valley excursion.

Day 09: Bumthang to Paro Airport: Batpalathang airport is the small domestic aiport in Bumthang started in 2011. There are 3 flights per week and flight duration is about 30 minutes from Bumthang to Paro International airport. Only Drukair operates the flight on this domestic routes. This is one of the beautiful mountain flight which offer the views of Punakha Dzong, Thimphu valley and Paro Dzong. Our guide will receive you at Paro airport and drive you to Drugyel Dzong to explore the great victory Dzong. On a clear day the unclimbed Mt. Jumolhari is clearly visible. The Dzong has been recently restored to its former glory after fire destroyed in 1950. On the way back visit 6th century Kichu Lhakhang. Evening at Hotel.

Day 10 Paro Tiger Nest Hike: Perhaps Tiger Nest Hike is the top highlight of your Bhutan Travel since this monastery is the most popular temple in the country. It is one of the 13th Tiger Nest cave in historical cave of Tibet where Guru taught and practice Vajrayana Buddhism. The hike takes about 3 hours and approximately 2.5Km from the base camp. The monastery clings on a rocky cliff 900m above Paro valley. There is also Café where you can relax with freshly brewed coffee overlooking the temple. Evening at Hotel.


Bhutan Travel

Travel Bhutan to hike Tiger Nest

Day 11: Paro Tour: Paro is a small town with 11700 populations as per the 2017 census. This is model city with traditional house still existing in the core city. You can visit the handicrafts for shopping where you get authentic Bhutanese made souvenir to take home. You can also visit Café or Pizza Hut for Coffee and Pizza. Note that this café and Pizza are all locally owned and there is no franchisee connected. Leisure time at Paro town.


Day 12: Paro to Homeward from Paro International Airport: The airport is just 20 minutes drive from your Hotel. Our Guide and driver will be waiting outside your hotel to drop you at the airport. Upon reaching the airport you may consider to tip them as the team will definitely expect from you. You can tip them as per the service. Tips may vary from $50 to $ 100 to both Guide and driver. Your Bhutan Travel ends here with Trashi Delek.



Bhutan Travel from September to December: 

September to December is best time to visit Bhutan as these months have many popular festival in Bhutan. This time of the year also best for trekking in Bhutan as the weather remains very favorable with clear blue sky and perfect temperature for hiking. January and February is very cold and travelling Bhutan may be difficult due to cold weather and icy road condition in some part of Bhutan. The best tour you can book in this months are cultural tour doesnot involve trekking.

Bhutan Travel from March to May (Spring Season): 

Bhutan is at its best from March to May as these months falls on the Spring season. The Spring time in Bhutan is the best time to visit Bhutan for flower lovers. As the snow starts melting down and flowers are booming, you can enjoy Jacaranda blossoms at Punakha Dzong – one of the most majestic structures Dzong in Bhutan. You can also witness the beautifull Rhododendron at Chelela pass, Dochula pass or on the trail of your trekking journey. Bhutan has around 46 species of Rhododendron, in many colors from white, pink, red to purple. The orchids are also not one to be missed for their beauty in the spring, with the diversity of forms, shapes and colors. As there are 369 orchids species recorded in Bhutan, it can be called the kingdom of orchids. These majestic and lovely flowers make up the beauty of Bhutan forests, which have long been one the main reasons for visitors to come. 

Visiting Bhutan from June to August: 

If you want to avoid overcrowding, high tariff and winter cold than summer is best time to travel Bhutan. The min/max temperatures in Paro and Thimphu:15-25°C (59-77°F) which is the most touristic places of Bhutan. Haa summer festival is the highlight of visiting Bhutan from June to August.

Is it good to visit Bhutan in June?

June is the start of monsoon season in Bhutan and country gets occasional rainfall. Heavy rainfall is expected in mid July in southern border with floods but central Bhutan like Thimphu, Paro and Punakha received very less rainfall comparing to southern Bhutan.

Bhutan Travel from January to March: 

Visiting Bhutan from January to march can be challenging due to cold weather. Places like Thimphu, Paro and Haa can be very cold with temperature ranging as low as minus 4 degree. You can expect snowfall at this places and travelling can be difficult due to icy road.

Top 5 things to do in Bhutan during winter.

Gangtey Winter Trek is a short 3 days winter Trek and is very favourable to trek in winter.

Cultural Tour: The cultural tour can be done throughout the year, as the weather remains clear. Find the Best things to do in Bhutan. Read More



Accommodation in Bhutan starts from basic hotels to luxury 5 star, but for this trip, your cost only covers 3-star accommodation. Throughout the trip, you’ll be provided with the best first-class, High-end Hotels & Accommodations selected by the Tourism Council of Bhutan for their exceptional quality service, location, and food.


All Hotels in Bhutan for tourist is standard 3-star Hotel approved by TCB for tourist stay. e only use a hotel that has good reviews from our clients but if you want to upgrade to a 4 or 5-star Hotel we can do it upon charging a little extra.

  • Thimphu – Hotel Jumolhari/Hotel Migmar/Hotel Ariya
  • Punakha – Hotel Drupchu/Hotel Zhingkham
  • Paro – Hotel Trashi Namgay/Hotel Metta Resort
  • Trongsa- Hotel Yangkhil Resort.
  • Bumthang-Hotel Swiss Guest House.


  • 1 Pax – 2 Pax: SUV. Hyundai Tucson, Hyundai Santa Fee, Toyota Prado/ Similar.
  • 4 Pax – 6 Pax: Hyundai H1, Toyota Hiace Bus/ Similar.
  • 10 Pax – 17 Pax: Toyota Coaster Bus/ Similar.

The Bhutan Travel Cost Includes:

  • Meals. [Breakfast /Lunch/Dinner]
  • Accommodation. [3* Hotels]
  • All applicable Transfers will be exclusively used for the guest as per the itinerary.
  • Vehicle Type will be Toyota Hiace Bus, Hyundai Tucson or Santa Fee, or Creta.
  • Royalty, Airport tax & Government Taxes.
  • Any entry fees & Road permits.
  • Bottled mineral water for the entire trip.
  • Professional English speaking Guide.
  • All Sightseeing’s mentioned in the itinerary.   
  • The Tour Cost Does Not Include:
  • Airfare. (Can be arranged with us)
  • Insurance Premiums.
  • Payments for service provided on a personal basis.
  • Cost for any services not mentioned in the “Cost Include head.”
  • A vehicle used after the tour.
  • Gratuity/ Tips for guides and drivers.

Bhutan Visa Information: All tourists need to apply advance Visa for Bhutan.