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12 Days Luxury Tours in Bhutan. Copuntry’s  mesmerizing country nestled in the eastern Himalayas, offers a unique blend of natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and a philosophy centered around happiness. In recent years, luxury tours in Bhutan have gained immense popularity among discerning travelers seeking an extraordinary and exclusive travel experience. This article delves into the enchanting world of luxury tours in Bhutan, showcasing the country’s top attractions, cultural treasures, and experiences that await the fortunate few who embark on this remarkable journey.

Discovering the Riches of Bhutan

Unveiling the mystic of Bhutan

Bhutan, known as the “Land of the Thunder Dragon,” is renowned for its awe-inspiring landscapes, from snow-capped mountains to lush valleys adorned with vibrant prayer flags. This hidden gem offers a sanctuary for those seeking solace in nature’s embrace. A luxury tour in Bhutan takes you on a captivating adventure, revealing the secrets of this mystical kingdom.

Exploring Bhutan’s Cultural Heritage

Bhutan’s cultural heritage is deeply rooted in Buddhism, which permeates every aspect of daily life. The country is dotted with sacred monasteries, dzongs (fortresses), and temples that stand as testament to Bhutan’s rich spiritual tradition. During a luxury tour, you’ll have the opportunity to visit these architectural marvels, engage with monks, and witness colorful festivals that showcase the vibrant cultural tapestry of Bhutan.

Immerse Yourself in Bhutanese Hospitality

Bhutanese people are renowned for their warm hospitality and genuine kindness. Luxury tours in Bhutan provide an opportunity to immerse yourself in the local way of life and experience the heartfelt hospitality firsthand. From staying in opulent accommodations that blend seamlessly with the natural surroundings to savoring delectable Bhutanese cuisine, every moment is crafted to create an unforgettable experience.

The Highlights of Luxury Tours in Bhutan

Trekking in the Himalayas

Embarking on a luxury trek in Bhutan allows you to witness the breathtaking beauty of the Himalayas up close. Traverse through pristine landscapes, verdant valleys, and remote villages as you challenge yourself physically and mentally. From the legendary Snowman Trek to the iconic Tiger’s Nest hike, Bhutan offers a range of trekking options catering to different skill levels.

Unforgetable Wildlife Encounters

Bhutan’s diverse ecosystem is home to rare and endangered species, making it a haven for wildlife enthusiasts. Luxury tours often include visits to national parks and wildlife sanctuaries, where you can spot elusive creatures like the elusive snow leopard, red panda, and takin, Bhutan’s national animal. A wildlife safari in Bhutan promises to be a truly extraordinary experience.

Wellness and Mindfulness Retreats

For those seeking rejuvenation and self-discovery, Bhutan offers an ideal setting for wellness and mindfulness retreats. Surrounded by serene landscapes and guided by experienced practitioners, you can indulge in yoga and meditation sessions, ancient healing therapies, and holistic wellness practices. These retreats provide a sanctuary for relaxation, self-reflection, and personal growth.

Cultural Festivals and Traditions

Bhutan’s vibrant cultural festivals, known as “tsechus,” are an integral part of the country’s heritage. These colorful events celebrate Bhutanese mythology, history, and spiritual traditions through masked dances, music, and rituals. Luxury tours often coincide with these festivals, allowing you to witness the vibrant pageantry and immerse yourself in the joyful atmosphere.

12 Days Luxury Tours in Bhutan with Amankora

Trip Facts

  • Trip Name: 12 Days Amankora Journey.
  • Max Altitude: 3200M
  • Best Season: All year round
  • Accommodation: 5 Star Hotel all in Amankora
  • Transportation: Private Cars depending upon the Group size.
  • Trip Type: Private
  • Route: Paro-Thimphu-Punakha-Gangtey-Bumthang

Trip Highlights for 12 Days Luxury Tours

  • Explore all the Best properties of Amankora in Bhutan.
  • Enjoy the wellness program of Amankora.
  • Enjoy the luxury accommodation in all Amankora Lodges.
  • Explore the ancient village of Ura in Bumthang.
  • Zen massage is the signature treatment at Bumthang
  • Features intimate treatment rooms, a steam room, and changing areas
  • The interior dining area features a cozy fireplace


All Accommodation in Amankora Hotel All meals Proffessional Guide throughout the trip All entrance fees for museams and temples Tea and Coffee with Snacks Fruit Baskets during the Tour Amankora Spa and massage
International and Domestic Airfare Tips and Gratuities Bills of personal Nature Laundry

Tour Amenities

Car Parking

Tour Plan

Are you ready for an adventure that will take your breath away? Imagine soaring through the sky, high above the majestic Himalayas, with a bird’s-eye view of Bhutan’s stunning valleys. If you’re seeking an unforgettable experience that combines natural beauty and cultural immersion, then a flight over Bhutan’s Himalayas is an absolute must.

Indulge in a delectable breakfast at Aman before embarking on a town exploration of Thimphu. Visit the Memorial Chorten, which was erected to pay tribute to the 3rd kings of Bhutan. Afterward, take a short 15-minute drive up a small hill to see the magnificent Buddha Statue, the largest standing Buddha statue in Bhutan, which overlooks the picturesque Thimphu valley. In the evening, unwind and relax at the hotel.

Amankora Thimphu Lodge

12 Days Bhutan Luxury hotel

Set in the upper reaches of the Motithang area, the 16-suite Lodge of Amankora Thimphu is built in the style of a traditional dzong fortress. Within reach of the capital’s shops and sights, the lodge remains a secluded retreat from which to explore both all the city has to offer and the wild Himalayan landscape. Amenities include king-size beds, traditional wood-burning stoves, and banquette window seats, while bathrooms feature terrazzo-clad bathtubs, twin vanities, a separate shower and a toilet. Hiking and cycling are arguably the best ways to explore the incredible landscape, and every lodge offers an exhaustive list of options and routes. In addition, guests will be given a ‘top ten’ list of experiences to try in each locality.

Drive towards Punakha the historical places of many saints including the Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyel built the great Punakha Dzong. Zhabdrung also unified Bhutan when the different district of Bhutan was still fighting. Punakha is also the village of the four queens of Bhutan. On the way explore the Dochula pass giving you a panoramic view of the Himalayas. Dinner and overnight at Hotel Aman Punakha.

Hike the Khamsum yulley namgyel monastery crossing the longest suspension bridge in Bhutan. The suspension bridge connects the village between Punakha Dzong and the village across the bridge.

Khamsum Yulley Namgyel Chorten in Punakha
Gangtey is of of the beautifull valley of western Bhutan. The highlight of Gangtey valley is the breeding centre of endangered Black Necked crane. Explore the valley and enjoy the hospitality of Amankora Gangtey.

We hike in the beautiful environment of the Phobjikha Valley, with its alpine setting on the western slope of the Black Mountains. The gold-roofed Gangtey Monastery (currently closed and undergoing renovation) sits on a prominent hilltop in the valley. The vegetation in this high-altitude glacial valley includes mixed forests of pine and rhododendron, with thick, brushy grasslands on the valley floor. *A flock of 200-300 black-necked cranes (Grus nigricollis) migrates to this valley from Tibet to spend the winter foraging of the valley floor. In Bhutan, the cranes are considered harbingers of good luck and have long been respected by the residents of the valley. The cranes’ arrival signals to villagers that it’s time to pack up and move down to lower, warmer climes since the valley is snowed-in during the winter months. Overnight at the lodge…BLD

Bumthang is home to great saints like pema linga the treasure hunter and it is also the place where Bhudhism flourish in Bhutan. The drive will take you through Trongsa the home of Royals. Visit the Trongsa Dzong. Evening at Bumthang and over night at Hotel.

After breakfast, Visit Chakhar (Iron Castle) Lhakhang, which is the site of the palace of the Indian King, the Sindhu Raja who invited Guru Rimpoche to Bumthang. The Original palace was made of Iron hence the name Chakhar. The saint Dorji Lingpa built the Current building in the 14th century. Its correct name is Dechen Phodrang. We then visit Kurjey Lhakhang which is named after the body print of Guru Rimpoche, built in 1652 by Minjur Tempa. Visit Tamshing Lhakhang (Temple of the good message), established in 1501 by Pema Lingpa, and is the most important Nyingmapa temple in the kingdom. After lunch, visit Membartsho (Which literally means “Burning Lake”), a short distance up the road leading to Tang valley. The Terton Pema Lingpa discovered several of Guru Rimpoche’s hidden Terma/relics here. In the evening, visit Mathra factory & Cheese Factory. Overnight in Hotel.

isit the Ura valley and spend your time with the locals. Every year in the 3rd week of August popular Matsutake festival takes place in Ura valley. The mushroom season begins, bringing with it the opportunity not only to sample some truly delicious meals but to cultivate a deeper insight into the rhythm of Bhutanese village life. If you happen to visit Bhutan in august you can attend this unique festival in Ura valley.

Bumthang Ura Valley
Ura Valley in Bumthang

The flight from Batpalathang Domestic Airport to Paro takes approximately 25 minutes. Upon arrival, the Excursion team will be there to greet you at the airport. Afterward, you will have the rest of the day to explore the charming town of Paro on your own. In the evening, you will return to your hotel.

Hike the most popular temple of Bhutan. Tiger nest temple is one of the iconic temple in Bhutan visited by thousands of locals as well as tourists. The temple is about 3 hours hike from the base camp through the alpine forest. Upon reaching the temple you can visit inside the place. Our Guide from Tour Bhutan will assist you through the rooms of the temples.

After lunch visit, Paro Rinpung Dzong followed by the Cantilever bridge.

Chelela is 2 hours drive from Paro town and it is the highest road point in Bhutan. It is one of the most beautiful hikes starting from Chelela pass (the highest road point in Bhutan,4800m) towards a remotely located Buddhist temple accommodated by 50 nuns in the middle of the Jungle. The hike takes about 3 hours downhill through the pinewood forest.

In the afternoon whole day spa and relaxation in Hotel.

Your 12 Days Luxury Tour in Bhutan ends here with our guide and driver seeing you off from the airport.

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