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Photography Tour in Bhutan. Bhutan is a paradise for a Photography tour. This photography tour is for amateur as well as for veteran photographers. The country has a unique landscape, well-preserved culture, pristine environment, and natural beauty. Every place that you visit is a photography destination in Bhutan. We take you to best places where you get the best shot of Bhutan Culture, Landscape, and People.

 Trip Facts

  • Photography Tour Duration: 10 Nights and 11 Days
  • Best Time for photography: Spring and Autumn
  • Guide: Licensed Photography Guide
  • Accommodation: 3-star Hotel approved by DOT
  • Trip Route: Paro-Thimphu-Punakha-Gangtey-Trongsa-Bumthang-Paro
  • Photography Trip Cost: US$ 3540 Per Person

Trip Highlights

  • Discover the best place for Photography.
  • Take a selfie with Tiger Nest Nest Temple.
  • Enjoy the mountain flights from Bumthang to Paro.
  • Explore Gangtye Valley
  • Hike the gangtey Trail.
  • Explore Ura village and spend time with locals.
  • Get the best Picture of locals in Paro.
  • Get a good photoshoot of Dzongs of Bhutan.

Advantages of Taking Photography Tour in Bhutan

Embarking on a photography tour in Bhutan offers a range of unique advantages that make it an exceptional experience for photography enthusiasts. Some of these advantages include

Unspoiled Landscape and Cultural heritage

Bhutan is known for its pristine landscapes, breathtaking mountains, lush valleys, and rich cultural heritage. As a photographer, you have the opportunity to capture stunning images of untouched natural beauty, ancient monasteries, traditional architecture, and vibrant festivals. Bhutan’s commitment to preserving its environment and cultural traditions ensures that you can capture authentic and unspoiled scenes.

Rare and Endangered Wildlife

Bhutan is home to a diverse array of rare and endangered wildlife species, including the elusive snow leopard, Bengal tiger, red panda, and black-necked crane. A photography tour in Bhutan allows you to explore wildlife sanctuaries, national parks, and conservation areas to capture images of these magnificent creatures in their natural habitats.

Vibrant Festival and Cultural Events

Bhutan is renowned for its colorful festivals, such as the Paro Tsechu and Thimphu Tshechu, which are vibrant celebrations of Bhutanese culture and religion. These festivals provide incredible opportunities for capturing captivating images of masked dances, traditional costumes, ornate rituals, and joyful celebrations. Photographers can witness and document the unique cultural traditions of Bhutan through their lenses.

Access to remote and Off the beaten Path Location

Bhutan’s commitment to sustainable tourism and limited visitor numbers ensures that many areas remain less explored and untouched. Photography tours often take you to remote and off-the-beaten-path locations, allowing you to capture images of hidden gems and lesser-known landscapes that are rarely seen by mainstream tourists. This exclusivity provides a sense of adventure and the chance to capture truly unique and extraordinary photographs.

Support and Guidance from the Local experts

Photography tours in Bhutan are often led by local guides who possess in-depth knowledge of the country’s culture, traditions, and scenic spots. These experienced guides can provide valuable insights, help you navigate the best photography locations, and offer guidance on capturing the essence of Bhutan through your lens. Their expertise and familiarity with the local environment can greatly enhance your photography journey.

Spiritual and Meditative Atmosphere

Bhutan is renowned for its emphasis on Gross National Happiness and its spiritual heritage rooted in Buddhism. The serene and peaceful ambience of Bhutan creates a conducive environment for photography that inspires a sense of tranquillity and introspection. The country’s monasteries, prayer flags, and meditative practices offer opportunities to capture images that reflect the spiritual essence of Bhutan.

Immersion in Bhutanese Hospitality

Bhutanese people are known for their warmth, friendliness, and hospitality. A photography tour in Bhutan allows you to interact with locals, engage in cultural exchanges, and capture genuine portraits that convey the human element of Bhutan. Through your lens, you can document the unique expressions, traditional attire, and genuine smiles of the Bhutanese people, creating a visual narrative of their lives.

These unique advantages make a photography tour in Bhutan an unforgettable experience, offering photographers the opportunity to capture extraordinary landscapes, vibrant culture, rare wildlife, and the essence of Bhutanese spirituality.


All Meals (11 Breakfast, 11 Lunch and 11 Dinner) All entrance fees to museums and Monuments Airport Pick and Drop Transportation within the Country Professional Photography Guide
Travel Insurance Any Alcoholic beverages that is not mentioned Any Shopping

Tour Plan

Arrival at Paro Airport. Paro valley extends from the confluence of the Paro Chhu and the Wang Chhu rivers at Chuzom up to Mt. Jomolhari at the Tibetan border to the North. It is also home to the National Museum, which displays hundreds of ancient Bhutanese artifacts and artwork.

Tour Thimphu for photography. Hike the Kuenselphodrang to get the perfect View of Thimphu valley to capture the best shot.

Visit Simply Bhutan Museam to witness the daily life of locals, and visit the Takin preservation center and BBS tower for the photography shoot.

Today we start early morning to get the best photography shot of Dochula Pass. Punakha is 3 hours journey from Thimphu. On the way we will stop at Dochula pass. The pass offers one of the amazing view of 10 Mountain peaks of Bhutan. The pass also have 108 Bhuddhist stupa built by the 4 queens of Bhutan dedicated to fallen soldier during 2001 war. The stupa adds more beauty to the pass with the touch of modern arts. Further down to Punakha. Evening at Hotel.

Drive to Phobjikha. Along the road visit wangdiphodrang Dzong from outside. Our guide will stop whenever the view is good for photography. Gangtey is beautifull valley occupied by almost 100 families and with many modern hotels. Evening at Hotel

Visit the largest fortress in the east which is Trongsa Dzong. The Dzong is very important for Bhutan. All the Kings of Bhutan should become the governor of Trongsa before crowning as King of Bhutan. The grand ceremony takes place in this fortress. Just above the dzong is Trongsa Museam where Buddhist script written in gold is kept. Visit the museam and overnight at Hotel.

Bumthang is one of the most important districts of Bhutan where many great Buddhist saints have to spend their time in Bhutan. It is a high-altitude valley. There are many places where you can take a good photographs of places like ancient monastery, Dzongs and traditional valley.

Ura valley is 1 hour drive from Bumthang. The valley still preserves its old traditional house and people spend their time in the field. It is a best place to shoot the best photograph.

Fly from Batpalathang to Paro Airport. The flight takes about 25 minutes. During the flight one could see the amazing mountain views of central Bhutan.

Hike the popular tiger nest temple. Get the best picture from different angle. Our Guide will take you for a short hike upon reaching the temple for different photo shoot. Tiger Nest temple is 6th century temple and is very important temple for locals.

Your Bhutan Photography Tour of Bhutan ends here today. Trashi Delek

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