Dungtse Lhakhang in Paro
Dungtse Temple in Paro

Dungtse Lhakhang

Jangtsa Dumgtseg Lhakhang is a Buddhist temple situated in western Bhutan. This temple stands out for its distinctive chorten-like architecture, a rarity in Bhutan. Perched on the hill’s edge, it commands a strategic position between the Paro valley and the Dopchari valley, just across the bridge from Paro. Within its walls, the Chorten showcases Buddhist iconography that is regarded as a singular repository of the Drukpa Kagyu school’s teachings and symbols.

Legend of the Temple

According to local legends, the Lhakhang’s construction is attributed to the saint Thangtong Gyalpo, who built it to quell a “serpentine force” believed to reside at the foundation of the chorten. Another legend suggests that the Lhakhang was erected atop the head of a demoness. According to Bhutanese folklore, it was constructed “on the nose of a hill resembling a frog” with the purpose of countering a Sadag (earth-owning spirit) and Lunyen (powerful naga spirit). It is said that the hill, upon which the temple stands, bears a resemblance to a menacing black snake slithering downwards.

History of the Temple

The stupa-temple, believed to have been constructed in either 1421 or 1433 according to various sources, was the work of the renowned Tibetan lama Thangtong Gyalpo (1385–1464), also known as Chagzampa. Thangtong Gyalpo, celebrated for his creation of eight iron bridges in Bhutan, chose to build this temple in the chorten style. He did so with the intention of immobilizing malevolent spirits and symbolizing the triumph of Buddhism.

In 1841, under the guidance of the 25th Je Khenpo, Sherab Gyeltsen, the temple underwent a restoration effort. Local villagers played a crucial role in this endeavor, and in gratitude for their support, the names of the donors were intricately carved onto tree trunks, which were subsequently used as columns on the ground floor of the temple.

How to get to the Dungtse Temple?

The temple is just 10 minutes drive from Paro twon. You can reach the temple by road or you can take a walk. You can also include this in your tour program.

Do i need to pay entrance Fees in Dungtse Temple?

Tourist visiting the temple need not pay any entrance fees so far.

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