Gasa Tshechhu or festival is celebrated at Gasa dzong. gasa is one of the remotest district in Bhutan

Gasa Tshechhu/Festival

Gasa Tshechhu is the biggest festival in the small district of Gasa in northwest Bhutan. Gasa is home to highlanders communities mainly Layaps and Lunaps who live in the extreme north of Bhutan. While many mask dances are performed, the local folk dance performed is very unique and distinct adding to the festive mood of the celebration. The highlander also performs a dance during the festival with their unique dress. 

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Gasa Tshechhu Date for 2023/24

The dates of festival is fixed from 29th to 31st March 2023 and 17th to 19th march next year 2024. 

How to reach Gasa Tshechhu?

Gasa is 64Km from Punakha and 134 Km from Thimphu. Gasa 

Gasa Tshechhu Highlight

  • Witness the Popular dance by Highlander.
  • Experience the natural Hotstone bath at Tshachhu(Hot Spring)
  • Visit the Gasa Dzong.
  • Visit Farm House suppose to have visited by saint Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyel

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