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Sean Gauther-Italy

Mr.Mindu the owner of the tour company was very patient with my many question since my travel was via road from India. I was trying to break genius record of world travel without using flights. Bhutan was my 20th country.I needed lots of information about Visa formalities while entering from India. Upon my arrival my Bhutan guide assisted me to exit from Indian immigration at Jaigoan and enter Bhutan after Visa formalities for Bhutan. Tour of Bhutan with my girlfriend was great and my Girlfriend Jordan had great birthday cake from the agency. Honestly tour itinerary for Bhutan was all surprise for us as we did not bother to look at it as we wanted to go with a flow.

Above and beyond 200% I would recommend all who want to visit Bhutan to use the company. One thing I should mention that I felt guilty wasting so much food. All dishes was delicious and varieties was appreciated but portion were too much for two people and other foreigner said the same. I would love to see the lesser visited region in Bhutan and hope to convince my father to come. My only suggestion would be to reduce the food portion for tourist visiting Bhutan. Other than that you guys are great.