Sangchokhor Monastery

Sangchokhor Buddhist College

The Sangchokhor Buddhist College has a rich history as a center of Buddhist education and scholarship. Established centuries ago, it has nurtured generations of monks, preserving and imparting profound teachings. The college continues to thrive, blending tradition with contemporary learning approaches. As night falls, your gaze will be drawn to the illuminated Sangchen Choekor Shedra crowning a northern hill. This Buddhist college houses 150 monks who study for six years, then proceed to Tango Monastery. The uphill drive provides splendid vistas. A notable detail is the stuffed bear near the main entrance.


Education and Practice of Sang Chokhor Buddhist College

Throughout history, monasteries served as sole learning hubs. In Bhutan, Sang Chokhor Buddhist College stands as a pivotal institution, teaching Buddhist studies in the Chokey medium. Dzongkha’s “Juyig” script, shaped by scholar Dhenmang Tsemang in the 9th century, is unique.

Education at the college equips monks to be not just spiritually enriched but also well-rounded citizens, fostering self-sufficiency and lasting happiness. English instruction adapts to global shifts. College students often represent the country abroad.

Monastic education extends beyond Buddhist studies. After theoretical teachings, monks engage in a minimum of three years’ meditation practice at Meditation Centres.

Post-2008 democracy, monks abstain from voting, aligning with constitutional separation of religion and politics. Any elected party forms the government, aligning with Bhutan’s constitutional provisions, where the government supports Zhung Dratshang.

How to get to the Monastery?

Travel to the location from Paro Town can be done by car. While planning a Bumdra Trek a popular 3-day short trek—visit Sang-Chokhor Buddhist College. The college serves as the starting point for the trek.

The optimal time to explore the Buddhist College is during the Bumdra Trek. Witness firsthand how the college engages in studying Buddhist teachings and philosophies, adding to the allure of your journey.

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