About Us

Cleaning Campaign at Chelela Pass by our Team from Excursion and Tour Bhutan.

Tour Bhutan is sister company of Excursion to Himalayas tours and treks which started in the year 2008 with the passion to serve the clients/guests from all over the world to present the beauty of Bhutan through authentic presentation of our vast culture that has been  existed through ages. Our countries history started back 500 years ago and during that period our country was divided into several small different regions. Only after the arrival of Monk Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyel, the country got unified and named DRUK Yul, or the Land of DRUKPAS. Later the country was officially named BHUTAN meaning the land of medicines.

Meet the Team

Luxury Tour Expert

CEO Mr. Mindu Dorji

(CEO) Mr. Mindu Dorji is a well-travelled and has been to the all corners of Bhutan. With his experience, your travel becomes more fun and educative.  He did his Bachelors in education from Paro College of education (Bhutan), and because of his passion to travel and to make Bhutan reachable to people all around the world, he started the company on 2008 to cater his services to the world outside.

Ms. Eden Zangmo arranges all Bhutan Visa for Foreigners and Travel permit for all Indian travelers and also looks after all your Hotel arrangements and booking plus the quality of Meals. She’s the reason why we provide our guests with the best accommodation and flight availabilities. Eden have been very pro active in the company and the longest serving employee, if you see us smile its because of her hard work and organized work ethics. She is the reason our company has been growing both in guest number and capital earning. She is still single and that is the sole reason she gives heart and soul staying late night during peak season. If you ever visit our office you will see her smile and ofcourse with cup of tea to taste from her.

Reservation & Ticketting

Travel Agent in Bhutan

Ms. Eden Zangmo

Bhutan Tour Operator

Mr. Sagar Pradhan (Sales and Marketting)

Mr. Sagar Pradhan looks after our marketing and sales department. Marketing plays a vital role in developing and progressing the company and reaching targets. He is responsible for designing brochures, emailing our valued agents abroad of new products, developing new itineraries, and introducing the offers to the concerned people organizing the tour in Bhutan.

Mr. Bikash Subba arranges all your vehicle transport within the country. Arranges all your transportation for your tour and is responsible for maintaining all the vehicles. That’s why we provide our guests with the best transport service.

Our Community Services

  • From the total tariff collected from the tourist $ 65 per person per night goes into Government account. The money is used to provide free education & Medical facilities for Bhutanese.
  • We offer the Job opportunity for Guides and drivers. There are around 20 to 25 people employed by our company. They survive on the DSA and tips provided by Company and the Guest.
  • We use authentic local restaurant for lunch. This way we are helping the community.
  • We take our guest to small handicraft shops for buying soveniors and memoirs.

Cultural Guide

Tour Bhutan riviews

Guide Bijay Tirwa have been working with us for last 5 years. He have been to nooks and corner of the country and have rich knowledge of Bhutan Culture and architecture. He guides those friend who are interested to know about our rich culture and Architecture of Bhutan. 

Cultural Guide 2

Sightseeing in Thimphu Bhutan

Guide Sonam Phuntsho looks shy and introvert but he is the most jolly guide we have in our company. He say he is interested in trekking and exploring the nature of Bhutan but now he is cultural Guide. Upon completion of his trekking training you will soon see his face in mountains of Bhutan.

Trekking Guide

Druk Path Trek in Bhutan

Mr. Lal Bdr Rai is veteran trekking guide. He loves mountains and nature. He covered almost all trekking routes of Bhutan and only left with snowman trekking routes to conquer. Apart from guiding he also loves to learn new language and currently he is undergoing spanish langauge course here in Thimphu.

Language Guide

Guide in Bhutan

Mr. Sonam was very good guide and down to earth person. Unfortunately he left Bhutan to further upgrade his qualification. He said he will join us once he completes his study from Europe.

Cultural Guide

Country Tours riviews with solo traveller

Mr. Yeshey Tharchen is a happy father after he was blessed with beautifull daughter. He lost many opportunity to meet new friends from all over the world when he was in paternity leave. Now he is back with us. Now he has another eresponsibility to take care of. He wanted to become a tour operator once he gains the confident to open the company.

Why Book the Trip with Us?

Best Destinations

We have the best destinations experts. Our team have best knowledge on best things to do, best hotels and destination guide.

Best Price, no Hidden Fees

We have the best rates. We provide value for money for every tour you decide to book with us. The price are transparent and there is no hidden cost.

Friendly and Qualified Staff

We have the friendly and qualified staff. Our guide and driver with whom you spend your journey are friendly and qualified to satisfy your hunger for Bhutan.

The High Level of Service

Our clients’ satisfaction is our priority.Our office remains 24/7 open for any emergency or complain. We entertain all your genuine call and make sure you are cared.

We are also the Member of following Institution

member of ABTO

We are also a member of the Association of Bhutanese Tour Operator (ABTO). All rules and regulations in regards to tour operators are discussed first with the association before it comes to application. we are active members in the Association.

Flights to Bhutan

Druk Air is the oldest airline company in Bhutan and has been considered the best airline in South East Asia. we are accredited with TO no. 409. Druk Air flies to Singapore, Kathmandu, Bangkok, Delhi, Bagdogra, and Guwahati. Read more.

Bhutan Airlines

We are also the member of Bhutan Airlines holding TO no 3419. Bhutan Airlines is the first private airline owned by Dorji family and operates to many important destination like Kathamndu, Delhi, Kolkatta and Bangkok.


We are licensed by Tourism Council of Bhutan and authorised to handle tours and Trekking activity both Inbound and Outbound. Find Details