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Established in 2008, our sister company, Excursion to Himalayas Tours and Treks, was born out of a passion to showcase Bhutan's beauty to a global audience. We authentically present our rich culture, shaped by a history spanning over 500 years. Originally divided, the arrival of Monk Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyel unified the country, naming it Druk Yul, or the Land of Drukpas. Eventually, it became officially known as Bhutan, translating to 'the land of medicines'

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Explore Bhutan’s diverse landscapes with our Adventure Travel tours, offering experiences in hiking, cycling, and kayaking adventures.

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Join our Festival Tour for a vibrant cultural experience in Bhutan, witnessing traditional dances and savoring authentic cuisine.

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Discover the unique culture of Bhutan with our tour packages, designed to explore Buddhist traditions through popular tours.

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Experience the hidden luxury of Bhutan with our tours, featuring stays at top hotels for a unique hospitality experience.

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Bhutan Tours is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service, ensuring that each traveler’s experience is personalized and unforgettable. We understand the unique needs and desires of our clients, and we go the extra mile to meet and exceed their expectations. From carefully curated itineraries to top-notch accommodations, every aspect of our service is designed with the customer in mind. Choose Bhutan Tours for a truly remarkable travel experience.
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Government Revenue from Tourism

The $100 per tourist per night tariff collected significantly bolsters the government’s ability to provide free education and medical facilities to Bhutanese citizens.

Employment Opportunities in Tourism

Job opportunities for people, including guides and drivers, who earn a living through the Daily Subsistence Allowance (DSA) and tips provided by the company and guests.

Support for Local Restaurants

By choosing authentic local restaurants for guest lunches, the company plays a role in supporting local businesses and contributing to the community’s economic growth.

Promotion of Local Handicrafts

Directing guests to small handicraft shops for souvenirs and memoirs not only enriches the tourist experience but also provides a vital source of income for local artisans.
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Bhutan, a land of mystical allure, boasts captivating attractions. Explore the iconic Tiger’s Nest Monastery perched on a cliffside in Paro, delve into the rich history of Punakha Dzong, and witness the colourful festivals of Thimphu. Discover the serene beauty of Phobjikha Valley, home to the endangered Black-necked Crane and 4th-century Gangtey Monastery, and experience spiritual enlightenment at the sacred sites of Bumthang. Trek through the breathtaking landscapes of the Himalayas or unwind in the tranquil hot springs of Gasa in Jigme Dorji National Park. With its blend of cultural heritage and natural wonders, Bhutan offers an unforgettable journey for every traveller. Read More

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