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Bumdra Monastery

Bumdra Monastery is named after the 1000 Dakinis (celestial female beings) and was founded in the 17th century. Again cared for by a single monk, it is a lonely desolate place. We continued to hike above the monastery to the top of the peak.

Allow me to share my experience of Bumdra, inspired by my recent hike to its cemetery peak. I hope this insight aids those drawn to scaling the palace of Dakinis, aligning with Guru Rinpoche and Yeshey Tshogyel, igniting within before life’s end.

Bumdra, a wakeful abode, unites spirit and sinew, reinforcing legs and vision. Amidst historical significance, it reminds of fleeting existence. It triggers joy-inducing chemicals—serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin, endorphins—enhancing happiness. Bumdra births life’s essence.

Known as Tsari Nyipa, Bumdra echoes Guru Rinpoche’s 13th-century blessings, bridging past and present.

How to reach Bumdra Monastery?

  • Starting Point: Begin your journey from Paro, which is usually the base point for the Bumdra trek.
  • Permits and Preparations: Ensure you have necessary permits and trekking essentials.
  • Trailhead: Drive or travel to the trailhead, often accessed by road from [Starting Location].
  • Trek Commencement: Embark on the trek, usually marked by a trail sign or guide. The trail gradually ascends through lush landscapes.
  • Chorten and Chhoe Tse Lhakhang: Pass by a chorten and Chhoe Tse Lhakhang, an ancient temple, as you ascend further.
  • Forest Path: Traverse through serene pine forests, occasionally offering glimpses of stunning vistas.
  • Ugyen Tsemo Campsite: Arrive at Ugyen Tsemo campsite, where you can rest, enjoy nature, and savor meals.
  • Bumdra Monastery: Ascend to Bumdra Monastery, perched atop a hill. Witness breathtaking views and explore the monastery’s serene surroundings.
  • Cemetery Peak: Optionally, hike to Cemetery Peak for panoramic vistas and spiritual reflection.
  • Descend: Begin your descent, retracing your steps to the Ugyen Tsemo campsite.
  • Return to Starting Point: Complete the trek by descending back to the trailhead and returning to [Starting Location].

Note: The specifics of the route, distances, and accommodations may vary. It’s recommended to engage local guides for accurate directions and guidance. Always prioritize safety, carry essentials, and respect the environment.

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