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Where is Bhutan?

Travel in Bhutan- Bhutan being one of the most sacred countries in the world and being open to the external world only in 1999. It was a gift from His Majesty The Fourth King of Bhutan. So getting into Bhutan can be of two categories.
Bhutan is a small country located between the two largest and well-known countries in the world, China and India. Bhutan was never been known to the world until 1971, when the third king of Bhutan, His Highness King Jigme Dorji Wangchuck made Bhutan a part of the United Nations (UN). Many tourists around the world have visited this amazing place but still, a great number of people in the world have no idea where Bhutan is. Keeping that in mind, we have started ETH tours and treks to introduce Bhutan to the world as it is known as the “Last Shangri La”.

Flights to Bhutan

When you travel to Bhutan you will experience a journey like no other. The flight into Paro is one of the most spectacular in the world whether it is flying along with the Himalayan range, or over the foothills from Kolkata, each flight is mesmerizing and offers you an exciting descent into the kingdom. Please note that sometimes due to variable weather conditions and the fact that the airport in Paro can only operate during daylight hours, delay of flight can occur. Therefore it is advisable for you to keep lengthy connecting times (more than 3 hours) with any onward flights.


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There are only two airlines operating in Bhutan and they are Drukair, one of the oldest airlines in Bhutan partially owned by the Government and Tashi Airlines also called Bhutan airlines recently launched on 4th December 2011. Both airlines operate from different destination and their flight schedule are shown below. Getting to Bhutan Via Air- Bhutan’s national carrier, Druk Air and Bhutan Airlines both provide you with an international flight towards Bhutan international Airport located in Paro which is about one and a half hours drive from Thimphu.
  • Druk Air flies in and out of Bhutan from:
  • Bangkok(BKK- Thailand)
  • Delhi(DEL-India)
  • Mumbai(BOM_India)
  • Kolkata(CCU-India)
  • Bagdogra(IXB-India)
  • Gaya(Gay-India)
  • Guwahati(Gau-India)
  • Kathmandu(KTM-Nepal)
  • Dhaka(DAC-Bangladesh)
  • 10. Changi(SIN-Singapore)

Bhutan Airlines began its international operations in October 2011. It’s sectors to Bhutan include:
1. Bangkok(BKK-Thailand)
2. Delhi(DEL-India)
3. Kolkata(CCU-India)
4. Kathmandu(KTM-Nepal)

Only Druk Air operates domestic flights in Bhutan. The flight operates between Paro and Bathpalathang(Bumthang) and Yonphula in Trashigang. This air link will provide an excellent opportunity for those who have a dream to explore the western and eastern districts of Bhutan without the lengthy drive times.
Druk Air also operates service to Gelephu in southern Bhutan from Paro which flies every Tuesday.

Travel in Bhutan by Over Land from India

Travelers can enter Bhutan from the Indian Borders over Land. Fly till Bagdogra and East to West they can enter from Guwahati via Samdrup Jongkher which is the nearest border city. From there visit various places in the country and fly out from Paro International Airport.

From South to North, travelers can enter from West Bengal(Jaigoan) via Phuntsholing which is the nearest border city from the South-North Zones. After the commencement of the tour, they can fly out from Paro international Airport.

Other than Indian, Bangladeshi, and Maldives nationals, tourists visiting Bhutan must apply for Bhutan Visa before planning the trip to Bhutan.

Please be informed that no foreign embassies/ Missions/Agencies can issue visas for Bhutan except the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Thimphu Bhutan. Once we receive the payment, we will process the Visa, and the Visa approval letter/ Visa Clearance letter issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Thimphu Bhutan will be e-mailed to you. You have to carry this document when you board the Druk Air flight. The actual visa will be stamped in your passport upon arrival in Bhutan.

  1. Passport: A valid passport is required for travel to Bhutan and the validity of the passport should be a minimum of 6 months. With this passport, they can apply for Bhutan Visa. Visa just takes 3 working days to get the approval. Once the visa is done, you will get it through email.

    Confirmed flight tickets: Before applying for the visa we also need your confirmed flight tickets. Visa is given for the exact number of days that clients have booked.

Bhutan has a very strict policy of low volume and high impact tourism rules set by the government to control the mass flow of tourism and has set the daily tariff of USD 250 per person per night during high season(March, April, May, September, October, and November) and USD 200 per person per night during the lean season. The daily tariff covers all your sightseeing, Professional Guide, transport throughout the trip, all meals, good accommodation in 3-star Hotel, and all entrance fees to the monuments.

The daily tariff does not cover your flight tickets, tips, and bills of personal nature. For further Bhutan travel information please mail us at [email protected].

The visa fee is only USD 40 per person for any number of days spend in Bhutan.This is a one-time fee and is the same for all including infants.

There is no Visa fee for Indian nationals. Their Visa is granted upon arrival. They need a Passport or Vote card to get a permit to visit Bhutan.

Bhutan is very safe to travel to as a tourist. The crime rate in Bhutan is very low. Levels of theft are low. Petty crimes like pickpocketing is occasionally reported in the country. If you have booked your tour for high altitude trekking then acute mountain sickness can be a risk. We plan your itinerary in such a way that you have enough time for acclimatization.

Street dogs make a lot of noise at night and rabies is a risk; always be cautious around guard dogs in the hills.

Bhutan is chosen as top no1 destination to visit by lonely planet in the year 2020 because of its beauty and amazing nature.

However, it’s also considered to be one of the most expensive trips in the world that you can embark upon but people fail to understand that this cost covers all your expenses like accommodation,all meals,Guide, all entrance fees transportation and royalty.

The government has placed a minimum fee of around $200 USD per day per person in low season and $250 USD per day per person during high season for visitors to Bhutan to maintain the policy of High value and low impact tourism.