Gomkora Festival takes place in eastern Bhutan at Tashiyangtse.

Gomphukora Festival

Gomphu Kora lies in the heart of the agrarian belt of eastern Bhutan. It is 23 kilometers from Trashigang Dzong, the headquarters of Bhutan’s most populous district in the eastern Bhutan. Gomphu means “Medi-tation Cave” and Kora means “Circumambulation”. The name is derived from a cave formed out of a rock-face next to a temple that has been built as a tribute to this sacred site. The biggest attraction of Gomphu Kora is the circumambulation. “Go around Gomphu Kora today for tomorrow may be too late”, advises a local song that entices devotees to visit Gomphu Kora. The place comes alive, once every year, when people all over eastern Bhutan descend upon the narrow valley, dressed in their finery, to partake in the festivity, to worship and to reaffirm their connection with the past. The sanctity of the three-day religious festival even draws the Dakpa tribe from neighboring Arunachael Pradesh (India).

They endure days of travel on foot through rugged environs with entire families in tow.

Gomphukora Festival Dates for 2023/24

The date is fixed from 29th to 31st March 2023 for this year and 17th to 19th March for next year 2024. Let us know if you plan to travel.

How to reach Gomkora Temple?

You can choose to take car from Thimphu or take domestic flight from Paro to Yonphula and drive to Tashi Yangtse to attend the festival.

Highlight of Gomphukora Festival

  • People from the nearby Indian border come to attend this festival.
  • Colorful festival Dance.
  • Observe locals from all over Bhutan.

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