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Bhutan Tour in May can be exciting. You cannot find a more enlightening travel destination today than Bhutan. Perch high on the mighty Himalayan Range, the Kingdom of Bhutan has defied globalization and chosen to remain a hidden paradise, accessible only to a fortunate few. Bhutan is marked by raw natural beauty where the dense foliage change dramatically as the subtropical jungle at sea level merge into a fertile temperate zone and rise up to a great northern glacier. This pristine environment is home to the exotic wildlife and is the last refuge for endangered species like the Black-Necked Crane, the Blue Sheep, the Golden Langur, even the Royal Bengal Tiger

Bhutan Weather, Temperature and Climate in May

Bhutan weather depends upon the altitude of each place. Central Bhutan has a temperate type of climate and received scanty rainfall in summer and a good amount of snowfall in Winter. Find the maximum and Minimum temperature of different districts of Bhutan in most tourist places of Bhutan.

Most Popular Festival Tour in May 2022/23

Festival is very popular in Bhutan and is held every year in various Dzongs and monasteries across Bhutan. Festivals are of large gatherings where people from various villages come together in their best attire to witness the religious mask Dance to gain merit afterlife. The most popular for tourists are those held in Paro, Thimphu, Punakha, and Bumthang. They mark the busiest time of the year for the tourism Industry. Find the list of Festival in May:

  • Due Mang Ti Festival in Zhemgang.
  • Zobel Festival in Pemagatsel.
  • Bon Choe Festival in Zhemgang.

Best Things to do in May

There are a lot of things you can do in Bhutan if you meet the right travel agent. Walk around monasteries, stupas, and the fascinating ancient architecture you cannot find anywhere other than in Bhutan. Camp at sites above 4000m, get a glimpse of some of the highest peaks in the world and meet the nomads and their yaks. This uniqueness will transform you into responsible trekkers as you will fall in love with the fresh air and beauty of the High Himalayas so close and stunning. Some of the things you can do in Bhutan.

  1. Spiritual Awakening and Wellness Treat.
  2. Textile Discovery-Weave your path in Bhutan.
  3. Trek the paths of Thunder Dragon.
  4. Spicy Affair- Chilli Challenge.
  5. Eco Adventure at Royal Botanical Park.
  6. West to East on Low Carbon Wheels.
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Places to Visit Bhutan in May

Places to visit Bhutan in the month of May are Phuntsholing, Gasa, Bumthang, and Phobjikha.

  • Bumthang: Elevation 2600m to 4000M-Bumthang is often described as the spiritual heartland of the Kingdom. There are numerous monasteries and spiritual sites in this charming valley where history and mythology help to bring alive much of Bhutan’s culture and tradition.
  • Phuntsholing: Elevation 1829m– to the southwest lies Phuntsholing a bustling industrial town that is the southern gateway to India. It is the gateway to Bhutan from West Bengal.
  • Wangdiphodrang: Elevation 1350M– To the south of Punakha is the valley of Wangduephodrang as the national highway heads towards central Bhutan. Visit the popular Phobjikha valley famous for Black Necked Crane and 17th-century Gangtye Goenpa monastery.

Bhutan Trekking in May

May in Bhutan is the end of the spring season and trekking like Laya Gasa trek and Snowman Trek cannot be done due to the start of monsoon that begins from June but other trekking routes like Jumolhari Round Trek, Dagala Thousand Lake trek, Dur Hot Spring Trek is possible to do in the month of May. Trekkers often come back with a sense of the majesty of high altitude where life ticks to a different time. Also the most scenic Bumthang cultural trek is a trek that takes you through villages and heritages sites in the valley.

What to wear in Bhutan in May?

The temperatures are very pleasant during May. You don’t have to carry a lot of thick clothing’s. A simple jacket will be fine as it can be windy some times and if it rains, the temperatures can be cool as well but it won’t be very cold. And the showers are usually during the late afternoons. So less thick cloths and more summer cloths. But if you are trekking or hiking during this month, include your trekking boots and fewer warmer cloths as well as you will be at the higher altitudes and the temperature will be colder.

Bhutan Travel Guide for May

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