Bhutan Visa Information

Visa Desails


A Bhutan visa is a must for all travelers coming to Bhutan. When Bhutan opened its gate to international tourists in the year 1974 the visa system was completely different. Now all visa for Bhutan is applied online and Bhutan travel has become easy.

The first tourist entered Bhutan from Phuntsholing southern Bhutan bordered India. Bhutan Flights was not yet introduced and tourists took a 2-day bumpy ride in Mahindra Jeep to reach the capital Thimphu. Tourism was not privatized yet and Government took care of all tourism businesses.

Slowly the business was handed over to the private sector and over the years the number of tourists traveling to Bhutan grew by thousands. As per the Tourism Council of Bhutan, Bhutan issued 269000 visas and permits for Bhutan in 2019 making Bhutan the top 20 destinations to visit by lonely planet.

Visa Requirements

Bhutan has a unique visa policy. To visit Bhutan, you must book your trip through a registered Bhutanese tour operator or apply Visa online by paying daily Sustainable Development Fees of USD 100 per person per night. 

Bhutan Tourist Visa

Bhutan issues a tourist visa only after you’ve confirmed your travel plans through a licensed tour operator. Upon paying the SDF your shall receive your Visa clearance letter. You need to download this letter and show to Immigration officials upon landing at Paro International airport. You can also apply Bhutan Visa directly by visiting DOI website.

Bhutan Visa Approval

The Bhutanese government will issue your visa only after receiving the full SDF payment in advance. Once your visa is approved, the Immigration officials will provide you with the visa clearance letter.


Tour Bhutan

$ 100 / Person/Day
  • Foreign national need to pay US$ 100 per person per night.

Tour Bhutan

$ 50 / Person/Day
  • Child below 12 years and above 6 years have to pay 50$ per night.
Visa Fees

Tour Bhutan

$ 40 / Person
  • USD 40/person (one time fees). No fees applicable for Indian national.

Bhutan Visa Duration

Tourist visas for Bhutan are typically issued for the duration of your tour. The minimum stay is usually 5-6 days. Extensions are possible upon paying daily SDF. Tourists can stay up to 3 months upon paying the daily SDF.

Bhutan Entry and Exit Point

Upon arrival in Bhutan, you’ll need to present your visa clearance letter at the airport or border entry point. The immigration authorities will then issue your visa, allowing you to enter the country.


Bhutan Visa Processing Time

It’s advisable to start the visa application process well in advance, at least a couple of months before your planned travel date. This ensures a smoother and timely visa approval process. During emergency times one can get help from a tour operator to speed up the Visa process. Also, check how to plan the Bhutan Tour.

Bhutan Travel Restriction

Traveling within Bhutan is typically restricted to the areas specified in your itinerary. Independent travel outside these areas is generally not allowed for tourists.

Bhutan Visa for Indian National

Visa for Indian nationals is different as they don’t need to pay the Visa fees of USD 40 but need to pay daily SDF of INR 1200 per person per night. Read on how to travel to Bhutan from India?


SDF for Indian National

  • 12 years and above is INR 1200 per Night
  • 6 to 12 years is 50% discount and have to pay INR 600 Per child per night
  • 6 Years and below do not need to pay any SDF.

Documents required for Indian National


Valid passport copy or Voter Card and validity should be 6 months and above upon exiting Bhutan.


If no passport than vote card for adult and birth certificate for kids below 12 years accompanied by Parents. The certificate should be in English.


With new rules travel insurance is mandatory for Bhutan travel. It should cover the major incidents like accidents, emergency evacuation, sudden death etc.


Passport size Photograph: Latest passport size photograph should be given for the permit.

Advance Permit for Indian National

Permits can be done in advance or upon arrival. An advance permit is advisable since you don’t need to spend time in immigration. You can also apply upon arrival but you need to carry cash to pay the SDF. SDF is the sustainable Development fee that Indian travellers need to pay the Bhutan Government while visiting Bhutan. Also, Check Bhutan Tour Packages from India

Entry into Bhutan for Indian National

Tourists can enter Bhutan either by flight or by land. Flight to Bhutan operates from Delhi-Paro-Delhi, Kolkatta- Paro-Kolkatta, Bagdugra-Paro- Bagdugra.

Bagdugra or overland road trip from Phuntsholing, Samdrupjongkhar, and Gaylegphu which is recently opened. Your Visa will be stamped upon arrival from the entry point. Read more on how to enter Bhutan?

5 Tips to Apply Bhutan Visa quickly in 2024/25

 Your Bhutan Visa is issued as per your tour itinerary. Get your rough itinerary ready for quick Bhutan Visa process. Also check the Bhutan SDF Discount

Bhutan Visa is issued based on your return flight tickets. Make ready your tickets. Also check all flights to Bhutan.

All Your hotel accommodation is above 3 star Hotel. Mention all your Hotel in your visa at each destination so that in case of emergency Government can extend help immediately.

Visa contains the details of the Guide, his license number, and his name in your visa. Everything is organized well in advance so that you have a comfortable vacation.

 Your passport should have a validity of 6 months during your trip and at least a blank space for the visa stamp.

Final and best part is to request Tour operator to apply Visa for you.