Simply Bhutan Museam in Thimphu

Simply Bhutan Museam

Simply Bhutan is a living museum that is a successful initiative to conserve the culture and traditions of Bhutan. Simply Bhutan is an interactive ‘living’ museum that gives a quick introduction to various aspects of traditional life in Bhutan. Visitors are greeted with a shot of local arra (rice spirit), before being guided through mocked-up village scenes. Along the way, you can dress up in traditional clothes, try out archery and hear songs sung by Bhutanese women as they build houses out of rammed earth. It’s touristy, but a good family experience. The museum is located 5 minutes drive from the popular folk heritage museam and Memorial Chorten.

Simply Bhutan Highlight

  • Opportunity to try the local dress.
  • Taste authentic Bhutanese cuisine.
  • Practice your skill shooting archery and dart.
  • Dance with the locals.

Attraction Nearby the Museam

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