Things to do in Bhutan

Things to do in Bhutan. We have listed numerous things that you can do while in Bhutan. Outdoor activities like Hiking, Trekking, Cultural Tours, Festival Tours are the highlight of visiting Bhutan. Secluded from its neighbour by some of the highest mountain ranges in the world, Bhutan has only recently emerged from its self imposed isolation. This Country of uncommon customs,fascinating legends and scenary of breathtaking beauty remained a mythical Shangrila for a long time.

Best Things to do in Bhutan & Our Popular Picks

  • Share your Bhutan Tour by posting letters with stamps made from your best Bhutan Photos.
  • Take a selfie with Mt. Everest. Sit on the left while flying into the country from Delhi or Kathmandu.
  • Say g=hello to the Takin, the national animal of Bhutan, and learn the story behind the mystical animal.
  • Be an olympian- try balancing on a suspension bridge in Punakha.
  • Hike up the sacred Tiger Nest temple and observe how it defies gravity.

Bhutan Adventure Tour

  • Enjoy bicycling on some of the world’s highest road passes.
  • Challenge yourself in paddy plantation.
  • Hot the bullseye with traditional bow and arrow.
  • Bike through medieval trails.
  • Meet the monks on hilltop monasteries.
  • Explore the lesser travel areas of Bhutan.
  • Romance the untamed rivers.

Spirituality in Bhutan

  • Spread merit by hoisting prayer flags.
  • Practice yoga in a serene environment.
  • Sit with monk through the chanting of prayers.
  • Discover your inner-self with meditation.
  • Take lessons on Buddhism from Buddhist monks.
  • Light thousand butter lamps and make a wish.

Enjoy the Wellness Program

  • Rejuvenate with herbal and hot stone bath.
  • Hela your mind with yoga and meditation.
  • Immerse in natural Himalayan hot spring.
  • Treat your lungs with a breath of fresh air every day.
  • Try our indigenous therapies.
  • Enjoy a session on meditation with a renowned master.

Best Things to do and Places to Visit in Bhutan

Bhutan is very popular for festivals, Trekking, Wellness program, nature, and Spirituality. The best places to enjoy one of the challenging activities to do in Bhutan are the valleys, especially Paro, Jigme Dorji National Park, Punakha river rafting, Hike to Khamsum Yulley Namgyel Monastery, and challenging Trek in Bhutan.

Best Things to do while in Paro.

Hike the Tiger Nest Temple in January
Tiger Nest Temple in Paro

Paro is one of the beautiful valley in western Bhutan. It is the only international airport in Bhutan.

Rejuvenate your body with Tiger Nest Hike

Tiger Nest Temple is one of popular hike in Paro. The temple hangs on a rocky cliff 900m above Paro valley. The temple is one of the must visit places in Paro. The legend has it that Guru Padmashambava flew on the back of tigress in 8th century and meditated in this cave where the monastery is located now.

Visit Drugyel Dzong

Drugyel Dzong also called Victory Dzong located 12Km from Paro town buily by Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyel in 1649. The Dzong is located on a small hill top over looking the Drugyel village. The Dzong also is the starting point of Jumolhari Trek route. The dzong have defended numerous attack from Tibetan armies and still standing tall.

Visit Paro Rinpung Dzong

Paro is main administration centre of Paro Bhutan. The Dzong also called “fortress of heap of Jewels”. It was built in 1646. The approach to the Dzong is through a traditional covered cantilever bridge.

Opening Time is after 5 PM

Taa Dzong Museam

Taa Dzong is the only Museum. Since 1968 the national museam of Bhutan has safe guarded the vision of third King of Bhutan to collect, preserve, study and exhibit the cultural and artistic artifacts of Bhutanese civilization, heritage and tradition for the education of all who enter the museam.

Jumolhari Trek

The popular Jumolhari Trek stars from Paro and ends at Paro.

Best Things to do in Thimphu.

Tashichho Dzong
Trashichhodzong in Thimphu

Thimphu is the capital of Bhutan and one of the most populated city with over 100000 people living in the area. It is home to the Bhutanese Royal Family, The Royal Government and to several foreign mission and development projects. 

Visit the Majestic Trashichhodzong

Known as the ” The Fortress of the Glorious Religion”, The Dzong is the impressive structure that houses the Bhutanese Government. It stands on the right bank of the Wangchu River.

Largest Bhuddha Statue

Atop a hill in Thimphu, the capital and largest city of Bhutan, is a massive, golden Buddha sitting atop a gilded meditation hall.

Simply Bhutan Museam

One of the best museam of Thimphu where you experience live traditional dance, Music and get opportunity to shoot arrow.

13 Art and Craft School

Witness the Live School performing 13 arts and crafts of Bhutan. The institute was established to preserve the 13th arts and crafts of Bhutan which was initiated in 1971. The students are taught painting, calligraphy, embroidery, wood carving, sculptor etc.

Dochula Pass

Its the highest road point you come across after leaving Thimphu towards Punakha. The pass offers 10 Himalayan Mountain ranges including the highest Mt.Gangkar Puensum(7570M). Explore the pass and visit the meditation centre.

Textile Museam

Visit the museum is one of kind that showcase the cloths wore by Royals. The collection starts from the Gho wore by the first King of Bhutan.

Best Things to do in Punakha.

Ideal time to visit Punakha Bhutan
Longest Suspension Bridge in Punakha.

Punakha(Altitude 1200M to 4800M) is old capital city and most important village of Bhutan. It has a temperate climate and its rich fertile valley is fed by the Pho chu and Mo chu rivers.

Balance yourself at Longest Suspension Bridge

Visit the longest suspension Bridge that connects the two remote Village with Punakha Dzong.

Punakha Dzong

The Dzong is one of the beautifull Dzong in central Bhutan located between two rivers the Phochu and Mochu, converge, the Dzong appears as a great anchored Ship.

Fertility Temple

The temple is dedicated to one of the renowned monks called Drukpa Kinley. Built-in 15th century temple is famous for its fertility endowment/rites due to the blessings of lam Drukpa Kinley.

Khamsum Yulley Namgyel Monastery.

Hike the beautiful monastery overlooking the Punakha valley. The hike takes about 2 hours through the paddy field and you come across lots of locals working on the farms to meet their daily needs. The temple is a splendid example of Bhutanese architecture. It’s built over eight and half years and its details have been drawn from religious scriptures.

River Rafting at Punakha

River rafting in Punakha is very popular among most of the tourist. The 1 hour rafting along mo chu river is one of the scenic rafting that one can book.

Best Things to do in Wangdiphodrang.

Punakha Tours
Hiking Trail in Phobjikha

Wangdiphodrang also called “Sha”for Bhutanese or east is the gateway to many far flung corners of Bhutan. It shares border with district of Trongsa and Bumthnag in the east,Gasa in the North and Dagana, Sarpang, Tsirang in the South.

Visit Phobjikha Valley

Phobjikha is the best place to relax away from hustle and bustle city life. It is also the winter home of the Black Necked crane (Grus Nigricollis), that migrate from Tibetan Plateau. The birds can be observed  from early november to end of March.

Visit Gangtey Monastery

Visit the only Nyingmapa Moanstery.The Monastery lies on a hilltop at about 2800M. The location offers the stunning view of Phobjikha valley home to endangered Black Necked Crane.

Hot Stone Bath

Experience the Hotstone bath in the farm House.

Hike the Trail

There is excellent hiking trail starting from Gangtey monastery to your hotel.

Visit the Pelela Pass

The pass is 10km from Phobjikha.

What to do in Trongsa? Find the best way to explore.

Things to do in Trongsa
Trongsa Dzong from the distance.

Trongsa is located in eastern part of Bhutan towards Bumthang.

Trongsa Dzong

Overlooking the Mangdechu River the dzong testifies to Bhutan architectural heritage, political history, rich tradition, and culture. This magnificent structure which has been witnessed in various significant events has a rich legacy.

Trongsa Museam

Also calle Ta Dzong or watch tower which sits promontary above the town, was built by chogyel Minjur Tenpa in 1652. The main relics of this museam is the script written in gold.

Best Things to do in Bumthang.Explore the valley.

Best Places to Travel in Bhutan
Bumthang Kyichu Lhakhang

Visit Kyichu Lhakhang

Visit the 6th century Monastery in Bumthang.

Visit Jakar Dzong

Jakar Yugal Dzong commonly known as Jakar Dzong, situated on the ridge above jakar village of Chamkhar valley in Bumthang. This 15th century fortress use to defend the people of Bumthang from many Tibetan invasion.

Burning Lake

Lake is very secret to local people of Bumthang. It was beleived that the great treasure hunter discovered many secret Bhudhist Manuscript.

Things to do in Haa. Best way to explore haa valley.

View of haa valley from Chelela Pass
View of Haa Valley from Chelela Pass.

Haa is small western district located towards the north of paro bordered with Tibet near Doklam.

Black and White Monastery

Visit the remote 7th century black and white monastery located in the foothills of three towering mountains venerated in the regions.

Best Things to do in Phuntsholing

Bhutan Tours with Como Hotel

Phuntsholing is gateway to Bhutan if you are traveling via road.

Kharbandi View Point

The Viewpoint is amazing from Kharbandi. The unending plain of India from the point is clearly visible. The beautifull monastery was built in 1967 by the Royal grand mother.

Crocodile Breeding Center

Visit the crocodile breeding centre. The center has 3 different speceis of Crocodile. The center started in the year 1976 with two different species of Mugger crocodile and Gharial. The biggest crocodile is 276kg and 12ft long.

Short Trekking Tours for Beginners

Bhutan’s rich natural environment makes it a trekkers paradise. It is a bountiful destination for nature lovers with virgin mountains lakes, imposing glaciers, a rich Himalayan ecosystem that is home to many endangered birds and animals. Most trekking routes are in the northern parts of the country taking you teasingly close to the snowlines and letting you experience amazing natural landscape. From a short day trek to the hardest 31 days snowman trek. Here we just introduce you to a short trek for beginners.

Best Trekking Starting from Paro

Bhutan luxury Trek
Our Clients with Guide Lal in Drukpath Trek

It is a 5 days Trek, goes to High Altitude and is moderately strenuous. The Trek route passes through some beautiful High Altitude Lakes. It starts from Paro and ends in Thimphu. It is a popular Trek route.

Beautifull Trekking from Thimphu

Things to do in Thimphu
Dagala Camp Site

It is a 5-days trek near Thimphu, to a large number of lovely high altitude lakes. The Trek is easy and most trekking days are short but there are some long steep climbs. It starts from Khoma (near Thimphu) and ends in Simtokha, Thimphu. The highest point is 4300 Meters.

Trekking Starting from Thimphu

What to do in Thimphu
Trekking Pony at Dur Hot Spring Trek

Dur Hot Spring Trek

Dur Hot spring trek is one of the beautiful treks in Bhutan. It is the oldest route to Majestic Mt. Gangkar Puensum through several Hot springs where locals use to visit. This is 16 days Bhutan Trip combined with a cultural tour.

Combine your tour with most Popular Festival of Bhutan

The best thing to do in Bhutan is to combine your tour with one of the festivals of Bhutan. Join the locals in their finest attires and relish their festival meals. You will also get the opportunity to take selfies with the atsara, the life of the festival celebration. They signify enlightened wisdom and their acts are intended to cleanse the collective sins of the people gathered to witness the religious dances. The festival customarily concludes with the unfurling of a Thongdrel(large Across painting) of Lord Buddha, Guru Rinpoche, Zhabdrung, and other enlightened beings.

Spring Festival of Paro

Bhutan Festival Dance
Mask Dance during Paro Festival

Attend this Spring festival of Paro. The Paro festival for 2022 is fixed from 12th to 16th April. Let us know your date so that we can combine your tour with Spring festival. 

Thimphu Festival Tour

attend thimphu festival
People gathering at Trashichhodzong to wintness festival

Thimphu festival is one of the most popular you can witness during your tour of Bhutan. Check our Thimphu festival dates for 2022 and Book Now.

Haa Summer Festival Tour

Things to do in Haa
Opening Ceremony of Haa summer Festival

Haa summer festival takes place in the month of July. You can combine any tour with Haa summer festival if your date of travel coincides with the events.

Other Tours of Interest

Birding Tour in Bhutan

Bhutan is increasingly being described as the birding capital of the world. Bhutan boast about 800-900 species of birds which is almost equal to the 925 species US and Canada combined.

Cycling Tour in Bhutan

The rugged mountainous terrain of Bhutan provides an ideal landscape for mountain Biking. It offers both on-road and off-road trails with breathtaking scenery.

Photography Tour

Bhutan unique culture and tradition, authentic Bhutanese life style, unexplored mountains and valleys offers the photographer the perfect shot of the countrys image.

Pilgrimage Tour in Bhutan

Pilgrimage Tour

Emanating mysticism and spirituality from every nook and corner, Bhutan makes for a destination unmatched to plan your next pilgrimage vacation.

Are you Planning Include for Bhutan Tour?

Let us help you to plan your memorable trip to Bhutan. It is always better to plan atleast 6 months prior to visit Bhutan. This is because flights to Bhutan is operated by only two local airlines which remains booked throughout the year. With enough time we are in better position to get you the confirmed tickets from your destination.

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Helpful Information on the things you can explore more

Other than spending your time with Guide and drive we will also let you explore the places of your own. Most of the hotels will be allocated in the main city where you can have access to many interesting things you can do of your own. Some of our recommendation are mentioned below.

Explore Flora and Fauna of Bhutan and enjoy the nature.

Dagala Thousand Lake Trek

Bhutan has the largest proportion of land designated as protected areas in the World. The rich forest cover includes a range of varying habitats and an amazing diversity of plants and animals. From spotting troupes of Golden langur to wooly yaks in the cold mountains.

Experience village life for an authentic Bhutan Experience

Bumthang Ura Valley

If you are looking for an authentic Bhutanese experience, you won’t find it if you spend your time only in Hotel. Go beyond the hotels and spend a night in a local farmhouse where you get to see the daily activities of Bhutanese local people. Find More

Experience Luxury in the Mountains and valleys of Bhutan.

Luxury Taj Tashi Hotel in Thimphu

Apart from the daily usual package, there is also the option to upgrade and experience the luxury brand of Hotels in Bhutan that provides and excellent blend of Luxury, Warm Service, and quiet efficiency. From UMA to TAJ bask yourself in a whole new side to luxury in Bhutan. Find More

Explore Thimphus Night Life, Karaoke and dance the Night away.

Bhutan Highlight Tour

It is no Las Vegas but Thimphu”s nightclub has a charm of its own. Whether it getting a glimpse of the Thimphus urban music scene and mingling with locals at Mojo Park or moving to the DJ’s beats at VIVA city or space 34, you will discover the capitals no short of upbeat nightlife.

Explore Restaurant and Cafe Culture in the Capital

If you love food and want to explore the restaurant, Thimphu has it all. If the intense traditional flavors is not your cup of tea then try exploring the many cafes and restaurants in the capital. You will get your choice range from blueberry cheesecakes to roast beef sandwiches and house burgers.

Go Souvenir Shopping and take home the memories of Bhutan.

A rich display of traditional handicrafts are on the show at the craft bazar in Thimphu and also the institute of thirteen arts in Kawajangsa where student of the institute create intricate pieces of traditional Bhutanse handicrafts. From Bamboo basket to traditional wooden bowls you will find your perfect souveniers.