Travel to Bhutan in September

Travel to Bhutan in September. Secluded from its neighbour by some of the highest mountain ranges in the world, Bhutan has only recently emerged from its self-imposed isolation. This country of uncommon customs, fascinating legends, and scenery of breathtaking beauty remained a mythical Shangrilla for a long time. Early travellers marvelled at its inaccessibility, for they could reach the heart of the country only after days or weeks of arduous trekking. Bhutan is slowly developing into a member of the world community, but for all the outward signs of modernity- new roads, schools, and hospitals, it remains a profoundly traditional and religious society, retaining firmly its rich and valued heritage of the past.

Is September a good time to Visit Bhutan?

Visiting Bhutan in September, September is the beginning of Autumn in Bhutan. By September the monsoon rains slowly subside and is the beginning of the Autumn season. Bhutan has the two best seasons is Spring which starts from March to May and Autumn from September to November. Most of the country is at quite a high altitude, but not all. The southern areas around the Royal Manas National Park are low, and remain hot in September, ranging from 75-88° F (24-31° C). The mid-hills are a bit cooler, with Punakha (4250 feet/1300 m) having average temperatures of 68 to 81° F (20 to 27° C). Check the best season to Travel to Bhutan.

How are the weather and climatic conditions in Bhutan in September?

There are three geographic and climatic zones in which the country can be divided. The foothills have a tropical climate. The inner Himalayas region has a temperate climate that receives monsoon rains. The high Himalayan range is Alpine in its severity. However, the weather remains cool with a clear blue sky and favourable temperatures in September in central and western Bhutan where tourists love to visit Bhutan. Also, check Bhutan’s Weather and Climatic Conditions.

Average Bhutan Temperature in September

September is the beginning of the autumn season and slowly the temperature starts decreasing. This makes the weather perfect for travelling to Bhutan during September. Learn more about September weather

Places to Visit in Bhutan

Thimphu, Paro, Haa, Punakha and Wangdi are best to visit in Bhutan in September. September being the start of the Autumn season in Bhutan the weather remains clear with temperatures ranging from 18 degrees to 23 degrees at the maximum in most places. Some of the touristic places you should not miss while in Bhutan are:

  • Gasa Hot Spring: The medicinal properties of these hot springs have been used by the Bhutanese people for centuries to cure various ailments ranging from arthritis to body aches and even sinuses. It is a popular tradition among Bhutanese to visit hot springs during the winter months. The hot spring of Gasa is situated close to the banks of the Mo Chu River.
  • Discover Merak and Sakteng: This beautiful twin village is located in the eastern part of Bhutan and offers a whole new regional experience.
Cycling in September

Things to do in Bhutan in September

Best things to do in Bhutan. Here is the best pick to do in Bhutan in September.

Experience Luxury in the Mountains: Along with the usual tour service packages you can also find a good range of choices of Hotels and resorts that provide an excellent blend of luxury, warm service, and quiet efficiency. From Six Sense to Amankora, bask yourself in a whole new side to luxury in Bhutan.

Visit Local Art Galleries: Besides the usual museum and cultural tours arranged by the operators, don’t forget to visit some local art galleries. Some of the galleries have a beautiful collection of talented Bhutanese artists and photographers.

Explore the Restaurant and Cafe culture in Thimphu: Yes, you can get other food besides ema datshi in Bhutan. If the intense traditional flavours are not your cup of tea then try exploring the many cafes and restaurants in the capital. You will get your choice range from blueberry cheesecakes to roast beef sandwiches and house burgers. Though Bhutan does not have any international food chains we have enough talented chefs who can satisfy your carve for KFC.

Witness a Tshechhu Festival: During the festival, the dances are performed by laymen and monks wearing ornate costumes and masks. Each aspect of the dance has a symbolic meaning. 

Join the one-day Tour of the Dragon Bicycling Race held every year on 3rd September:

Considered one of the most challenging one-day events in the world. The race covers 268 km of absolutely stunning Himalayan landscape as it takes cyclists from central to western Bhutan. Bikers traverse indomitable mountains, and travel through pristine, virgin forests, over babbling streams and raging rivers of crystal clear rivers of 4 districts of Bumthang, Trongsa, Wangdi and Punakha.

Travel to Bhutan in September and What to wear?

It is warm and humid during September so recommend packing summer clothes. Rain won’t be much of a problem but if it does rain, your tour operator will provide the umbrellas and raincoats. And also a jacket as some evenings can be windy and if you are trekking during this month, do not forget your trekking boots and more warm clothes as temperatures at the higher altitudes are much lower and colder.

Bhutan Festival in September

Bhutan celebrates a variety of festivals during September in the different parts of the country and includes some of the festivals popular among tourists. It is a great time to visit Bhutan during the month with favourable climatic conditions and exciting celebrations. Also, find Bhutan Festival Dates for 2024

How to travel to Bhutan? Check our Bhutan Travel Guide to plan your Bhutan Journey. You might be interested to learn more about Bhutan. Read More

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