Paper Factory in Thimphu. Places to visit during bhutan tour
Paper Factory in Thimphu

Bhutanese Paper Factory-Thimphu

Jungshi Handmade Paper Factory in Namtag Lam, about 1km away from Thimphu City, The paper factory produces traditional paper known as the Deh-sho. The Jungshi paper factory is located approximately 1 km from Thimphu City, opposite the Centenary farmers market. It uses the bark of the Daphne tree and the Dekap tree to manufacture the handmade papers.
Tourists can observe the complete ancient process of papermaking at the factory. Traditionally the papers were used by the monks to write prayer texts and manuscripts. Later the factory was set up in 1990 to preserve the tradition of paper making and also to commercialize it. Currently, handmade paper is exported to the US, Europe, Japan, India, and Nepal. The factory also has a small shop that sells handmade papers along with other products such as books, greeting cards, paper bags, and lampshades, all made from paper.


Timing and Entrance Fees

Open On: Monday- Saturday
Closed On: Sunday (opens upon request)
Opening Time: 9 AM- 5 PM

Entrance Fees: Free as of today

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