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Bhutan Tourism Council

Bhutan Tourism Council

The Bhutan Tourism Council, officially known as the Department of Tourism (DOT), plays a pivotal role in managing and promoting tourism in the country. Established to ensure sustainable tourism development, the DOT is dedicated to preserving Bhutan’s unique cultural and natural heritage while also providing high-quality experiences for visitors.

Roles and Responsibilities of Bhutan Tourism Council:

Policy Implementation:

  • Regulation: The DOT is responsible for implementing tourism policies and regulations set by the Royal Government of Bhutan.
  • Licensing: It oversees the licensing of tourism service providers, including tour operators, guides, and accommodation facilities, ensuring they meet the required standards.

Sustainable Tourism Development:

  • Environmental Conservation: The DOT promotes eco-friendly practices to minimize the environmental impact of tourism activities.
  • Cultural Preservation: It encourages the protection and promotion of Bhutan’s cultural heritage, ensuring that tourism contributes to the preservation of traditional practices and sites.

Marketing and Promotion:

  • Global Outreach: The DOT conducts marketing campaigns and participates in international travel fairs to promote Bhutan as a high-value, low-impact destination.
  • Digital Presence: It maintains an informative website and engages in digital marketing to reach a broader audience.

Capacity Building:

  • Training Programs: The council organizes training programs for tourism professionals to enhance their skills and knowledge, ensuring high service standards.
  • Community Involvement: It works with local communities to develop tourism products that provide economic benefits while preserving cultural and natural resources.


Growth in Tourism: The DOT has successfully increased the number of high-quality visitors to Bhutan while maintaining the country’s sustainability goals.

Recognition: Bhutan has gained recognition as a leading sustainable tourism destination, thanks to the DOT’s efforts.

    Bhutan Tourism Policy

    Introduction: Bhutan’s tourism policy is designed to promote sustainable tourism that benefits the country economically, socially, and environmentally. Known for its “High Value, Low Impact” approach, Bhutan aims to attract discerning tourists who appreciate its unique culture and pristine environment.

    Key Principles of the Policy:

    High Value, Low Impact:

    • Visitor Quality: The policy focuses on attracting tourists who value unique cultural and natural experiences over mass tourism.
    • Controlled Numbers: By implementing a daily SDF of USD 100 per person per night and INR 1200 for Indian passport holders, Bhutan aims to prevent overcrowding and overuse of its resources.

    Sustainable Development:

    • Environmental Protection: Ensuring that tourism activities do not harm the natural environment.
    • Cultural Preservation: Encouraging the preservation and promotion of Bhutan’s cultural heritage and traditional lifestyles.

    Economic Benefits:

    • Local Employment: Tourism policies encourage local employment and support local businesses.
    • Revenue Generation: Tourism contributes significantly to Bhutan’s economy, providing funds for infrastructure and development.

      Implementation Strategies:

      Quality Standards:

      • Certification: Only certified tour operators and guides are allowed to operate, ensuring high service standards.
      • Accommodation: Hotels and lodges must meet specific criteria to be authorized to host international visitors.

      Community-Based Tourism:

      • Local Involvement: Policies encourage community participation in tourism, providing locals with economic benefits and incentives to preserve their culture and environment.

      Sustainability Contribution: Part of this fee is allocated towards preserving the environment and cultural heritage. Read More

        Challenges and Future Directions:

        • Balancing Growth and Sustainability: Continuously managing the balance between increasing tourist numbers and maintaining sustainability.
        • Infrastructure Development: Investing in infrastructure to support tourism while preserving the environment.

        Bhutan Tourism Packages

        Introduction: Bhutan offers a range of carefully crafted tourism packages designed to showcase the country’s natural beauty, rich culture, and spiritual heritage. These packages cater to various interests and preferences, providing visitors with memorable and immersive experiences.

        Types of Bhutan Tourism Packages:

        Cultural Tours:

        • Monastery Visits: Explore ancient monasteries like Tiger’s Nest, Punakha Dzong, and Tashichho Dzong.
        • Festivals: Experience vibrant local festivals, such as the Paro Tshechu and Thimphu Tshechu, where traditional dances and rituals are performed. Read More

        Adventure Tours:

        • Trekking: Embark on treks like the Druk Path Trek, Jomolhari Trek, and Snowman Trek, offering breathtaking mountain views and diverse landscapes. Read more about Bhutan Trekking

          Bhutan Tourism Agency

          Introduction: Bhutan tourism agencies play a crucial role in facilitating travel to Bhutan. Tour operators of Bhutan are responsible for organizing tours, ensuring compliance with government regulations, and providing high-quality services to travellers. They act as the primary point of contact for tourists planning to visit Bhutan and offer a range of services to enhance the travel experience.

          Roles and Responsibilities:

          Tour Planning and Coordination:

          • Bhutan tourism agencies design and coordinate comprehensive tour packages that include accommodation, meals, transportation, and guided tours. They tailor itineraries based on the preferences and interests of travellers.

          Regulatory Compliance:

          • Agencies ensure that all tours comply with Bhutan’s tourism regulations, including obtaining the necessary permits and visas. This includes adhering to the minimum daily package rate set by the government, which covers all essential travel expenses.

          Local Expertise:

          • Agencies provide experienced local guides who offer deep insights into Bhutan’s culture, history, and natural environment. These guides enhance the travel experience by sharing their knowledge and facilitating meaningful interactions with local communities.

          Customer Service:

          • High-quality customer service is a hallmark of Bhutan tourism agencies. They assist with all aspects of travel planning, from initial inquiries to post-tour feedback, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable travel experience.

            Types of Services Offered by Tour Agent of Bhutan:

            Tour Packages:

            • Cultural Tours: Focused on Bhutan’s heritage, including visits to monasteries, dzongs, and festivals.
            • Adventure Tours: Including trekking, mountain biking, and river rafting.
            • Wellness Tours: Featuring meditation retreats, yoga sessions, and spa treatments.
            • Nature Tours: Emphasizing wildlife viewing, birdwatching, and nature walks.

            Customized Tours:

            • Agencies offer customized tour options to cater to specific interests such as photography, culinary experiences, luxury travel, or special events like weddings and honeymoons.

            Travel Arrangements:

            • Accommodation: Booking a range of accommodations from luxury hotels to traditional guesthouses.
            • Transportation: Arranging private vehicles, domestic flights, and other transportation needs.
            • Guiding Services: Providing knowledgeable local guides for all sightseeing.

              Bhutan Tourism Council or DOT is the main functioning body of the tourism industry in Bhutan. All policy and implementation starting from Guide training, Hotel inspection, Issuing Travel licenses and marketing is done by the Council.

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