Laya Village is one of the remotest and beautifull village in Bhutan.
Traditional House of Laya Village

Laya Village in Gasa

Laya Gewog is located in the north-western part of Gasa Dzongkhag. It is the second largest in size among the four Gewogs of Gasa Dzongkhag. It has an international border with Tibet in the North. The area of laya Gewog is approximately 981.5 sq Km (242528.65 acres) with a Total population of 1108 (Male-602 and Females 506) (as per Population and Housing Census of Bhutan, 2005).

Laya Village is a settlement with around 110 houses and is also one of the most remote places in Bhutan which are so unspoiled by the modern world that there is no well-constructed road leading to the place. However, the only way to access this village is via a two-day trek from the nearest town named Gasa which is around 28 km away from Laya. This not-so-difficult trek will take you across the marvelous scenery of Bhutan through the muddy paths with just one stop at Koina. From Koina, it takes about 7 hours to step into the picturesque panorama of Laya.


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How to get there?

The famous Laya Gasa Trek has camping for a day or two at Laya village. The trek takes about 4 to 5 days to reach Laya, starting from Drugyel dzong. The other option you have is to take a Helicopter.

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