Restaurant in Punakha

Restaurant in Punakha

Restaurant in Punakha. Punakha has very few option for restaurant as it is still developing district in Bhutan. Punakha is a picturesque district located in the western part of Bhutan. Nestled in a lush valley at an elevation of around 1,200 meters (3,900 feet), Punakha is known for its natural beauty, historical significance, and cultural heritage.

The district is most famous for the Punakha Dzong, an architectural marvel and one of Bhutan’s most significant religious and administrative centers. This majestic fortress, situated at the confluence of two rivers, the Pho Chhu and Mo Chhu, stands as a symbol of Bhutanese history and tradition. With its towering walls, intricate woodwork, and stunning location, the Punakha Dzong offers a captivating glimpse into the country’s rich past. Also check 10 best restaurant in Punakha

Lobesa Hotel Restaurant

Hotel Lobesa offers the best cusine availbale for both Indian and international tourist visiting Punakha. The rrestaurnt offers the best view ofr paddy field,and local market of Lobesa. The restaurant is neat and clean with 45 seater capacity. You can also try their Coffee.

For Booking pls call +975 17777688

Lobesa Restaurant in Punakha

Chimi lhakhang Cafeteria

The Chimi Lakhang Cafeteria serves a variety of Bhutanese and international cuisines, ensuring there is something to satisfy every palate. From traditional Bhutanese dishes like Ema Datshi (spicy cheese and chili), Kewa Datshi (potato and cheese), and Momos (dumplings), to Western favorites and vegetarian options, the menu caters to different tastes and dietary preferences.

For Booking please call +975 17630609

Meringma Bistro and Bar

The Meringma Bistro and bar provides good food and clean services to every individual visiting the place. It is located few minutes drive from Khuruthang town towards longest suspension bridge. They offer all kinds of food with best services in the area. They have huge sitting capacity.

Mobile Number: +975 77118855 for Booking

Puenzhi Dinner

Meringma Restaurant in Punakha

Puenzhi Diner stands out among other restaurants in Punakha, offering a top-notch dining experience for vegetarians. The restaurant prides itself on serving a variety of excellent vegetarian dishes, with ingredients sourced mainly from local farms. On most days, they offer a buffet meal featuring white rice with lentils, seasonal vegetables, and meat options.

Puenzhi Diner’s reputation lies not only in its delicious food but also in its commitment to providing a welcoming atmosphere. The restaurant caters to vegetarians seeking flavorful and satisfying meals in Punakha. By using locally grown produce, they promote sustainable practices while supporting the local community.

Whether you’re a vegetarian or simply looking to explore plant-based options, Puenzhi Diner offers a delightful culinary experience in Punakha.

For Booking please call +975 2 584 145

Home Kitchen Restaurant

Home Kitchen in Punakha is authentic Indian restaurant run by popular Chef Mr. Prakash. He has been running the business for a very long time and have gained lots of popularity amnong Indian tourist. He also have similar restaurant with same name in Thimphu. They offer varieteis of Indian Cuisine starting from Chapati,Alu Paratha,Chola Batura, Nan etc.

For Booking please Call Home Kitchen Mr. Prakash at +975 77642839 for BOOKING.

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