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Visit Bhutan in July. Breath easy in Bhutan in July. With fresh air, no chain stores or fast food franchises, Bhutan is a true getaway of the worries of the modern world.  Its not a coincidence that different from many other countries, bhutan still harbors much biodiversity. In the first place, Bhutan is the only Country in the World where whose official religion is Vajrayana Buddhism, which includes a mixture of influence from Tibet and India, including bon.Bhutan still beleives in spiritualism where people belive that not paying homage to local deities in Mountains and other secret sites where they live can mean sudden change in the weather, avalanches in the mountains among and other natural calamaties.

Best Places to visit Bhutan in July

Visit Bhutan in July. July is the rainy season in Bhutan and most of the places are rammed by seasonal monsoon rain during July. Peak monsoon season starts from late July to August. The best places to visit Bhutan in July are places like Thimphu, Paro, Phobjikha, Punakha, and Bumthang to view the best greeneries of these beautiful valleys. The best places to visit in July are Thimphu, Punakha, Phobjikha, and Paro.

Thimphu: Elevation 2320m: The capital of Bhutan stretches beyond town and goes past Dochula Pass the first mountain pass in western Bhutan. The 108 Druk Wanbgyel chortens on the top of the pass where the ridges are draped in colorful prayer flags provide scenic views.

Paro City: Elevation 2280m: Places to visit in Paro in July include Paro Dzong, the national museum, 17th-century Drugyel Dzong, and the most popular Tiger Nest temple.

Punakha: Elevation 1300m: Punakha is the ancient capital of Bhutan and it is about 3 hour drive from Thimphu city. The best places to visit in Punakha are Khamsum Yulley Namgyel Monastery, 16th century Punakha Dzong, and Fertility temple.

Bumthang: Elevation 2600m-4000m: Bumthang is often described as the spiritual hearland of the Kingdom. A strong sense of spiritual pervade the atmosphere and at auspicious times of the year, the valley resounds with the chants of the spiritual community as temples all over offer prayers for the well being of all sentients beings. Some of the best places to visit in Bumthang are Jakar dzong, Burning lake, and Ura Valley.

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Weather, Temperature and Climate in July

In July (the warmest month of the year in Bhutan) temperatures can reach 31.5°C in the east of the country, with highs of around 26°C in the capital, Thimphu. … Higher elevations in the north could well be experiencing some early snowfall as the autumn months progress. Weather remains cloudy most of the time with constant rainfall in some parts of Bhutan. The temperature reaches 25 degrees highest and as low as 18 degrees in places like Thimphu Paro and Punakha. 

Bhutan Rainfall in July

Bhutan receives extensive rainfall in the month of July. It is the start of the monsoon season and lasts till August before the monsoon rain subsides. July also is the time for the abundant time of the year as flowers are in bloom and the valleys are covered in green, weeping willows sweep the banks of many of the rivers and pine cones glisten in the sun, so full with resin they are ready to plummet to the ground.

Best Things to Do in Bhutan in July

The best things to do in Bhutan in July are to explore the heritage sites, go hiking along the villages and watch the valleys grow green. Attend the most popular Haa summer festival.

Best Things to do in Thimphu in July:

Dining out: Explore the most authentic Bhutanese restaurant in Thimphu town. Most of the restaurant provides you with local dishes like ema datshi (Chilly with cheese), Kewa Datshi(Potato with cheese), Mushroom Datshi. These would be the standard fare in most Bhutanese restaurants but do inform the chef how hot you can take in your meal.

Textile: The best known Bhutanese industry is textile which has now found the best international market. Bhutanese weavers use varieties of natural raw materials like yak hair, and silk to weave. Watch them perform live in a textile museum.

Bhutanese Stamps: Bhutan stamps are well known among collectors around the world. Attractive stamp albums, stamp sheets, and a variety of first-day covers are available at the Thimphu General Post office and handicraft shops around the country.

Festival in July

A festival is a rich form of the oral history tradition where Bhutanese pass on values, mythology, and spiritual beliefs through dance and dramas. Many of the festivals culminate with a rare display of a giant silk applique thangka (Painting) depicting Guru Padmasambhava or some important saints. Two festivals in July 2022 are

What Clothes to wear in July?

The month is warm with constant rain fall. So recommend you to carry waterproof clothing’s, summer wears and jackets as well because it can be cool in some places. Trekking is not that favorable due to most of the trekking routs being wet and muddy. And crossing through the dense jungles of Bhutan during this time can be tough and irritating as bugs and insects tend to increase during this time. But if you happen to trek during this time, prepare to get wet. Boots for trekking, hats face covers, and thin long sleeves may come in handy.

Bhutan Flight Schedule in July 2022/23

Bhutan’s national airline, Drukair and Bhutan Airlines operates in and out of Bhutan. It flies daily and connects the airport in Paro district to several destinations: Delhi, Kolkatta, Bagdogra, Kathmandu, Singapore, and Bangkok. Bhutan’s air schedule and other information are available in Drukair and Bhutan Airlines.

  • Kathmandu(KTM) to Paro (PBH): KB 204 Departs at 0700 Hours and Arrival Paro at 0815.
  • Paro(PBH) to Kathmandu (KTM): KB 201 departs at 0800 hours arrives Tribhuvan airport at 0915 hours.
  • Bangkok to Paro
  • Paro to Bangkok
  • Paro to Singapore
  • Singapore to paro

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Top 5 Bhutan Tours and Vacation Packages in July 2023

Bhutan has profound cultural diversity. With more than 80% of the country being Buddhist, the ways of Buddhist practice have had a huge impact on Bhutanese culture. The preservation of culture has always been accorded the highest of priorities and it was outlined as one of the four main pillars of the country’s unique development philosophy of Gross National Happiness. Find the best Tours and Vacation packages in July. 

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Haa Festival Tour

Tangsibji Festival Tour

Mesmerizing Bhutan with Haa Summer festival starts at $ 2490 Per Person

  • Paro 2N-Haa 2N-Phobjikha 2N-Thimphu 1N. View Details

9 Days Bird Watching

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Exploring Glorious Bhutan with Bird Watching starts at $3240.00

Frequently Asked Question

Is July Good time to visit Bhutan?

July is the ideal time to visit Bhutan if you want to explore the nature and greeneries of Bhutan. July is the middle of the monsoon season in Bhutan, and while temperatures are generally warm, the rain can be more than a minor inconvenience. But, travelers who choose to come during this month will pay low-season prices, and enjoy the vibrant and well-watered rural landscapes.

Is 5 Days enough for Bhutan visit?

5 Days Bhutan tour is not enough for Bhutan Visit with so much to see in Bhutan. An ideal tour of the country would be for the whole thirty days of your visa, which might just be enough time to visit around two thirds of the country’s amazing sights and attractions. However, to make the most of the best sights and experiences in Bhutan, at least nine days are needed.

Is Bhutan Trip expensive in July?

Bhutan being the lean season the daily tarrif to visit Bhutan is at the lower cost.