Nimalung Festival

The Nimalung Festival takes place at the Nimalung temple (Lhakhang), located in the stunning valley of Chumey in Bumthang. The highlight of the festival is the unfurling of a nine-meter high and twelve-meter wide thongdrol scroll depicting Guru Rinpoche, who is also known as Padmasambhava. The festival starts with the usual chams and dances performed in other districts but on the final day, people are blessed with the display of Guru Tshegye Thongdrel in the morning. On the final day of the festival, people also get the opportunity to observe Guru Tshegye Cham and dremetse Nga Cham performed by the monks of Nimalung Dratshang.

Special Highlights

  • A visit to Nimalung Buddhist Monastery.
  • Witness Nimalung Tshechu which is no less than a New Year Celebration.
  • Enjoy dance and songs performed by Buddhist monks and other locals.
  • Attain blessings at the unfurling of the thongdroel on the last day of the festival.

Festival Dates & Duration

A three-day festival, Nimalung Tshechu usually takes place in the months of June and July. The tentative festival dates of Nimalung Tshechu for the year are 26th to 28th June 2023 and 14th to 16th June 2024

Festival Venue and Contact Person

Nimalung Dratshang Bumthang, Contact person District Cultural Officer at 03-631539. For further information about the festival tour Contact Us.

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