Visiting Bhutan in November

Cultural Tours in Bhutan
Locals Hand carving in Eastern Bhutan

Visiting Bhutan in November is the best time to explore the Kingdoms Festival and Architecture Tour. Bhutan is the land of people who are never in hurry but are full of life. It is also the land of local festivals that go on throughout the years in different towns and villages. They are not only colorful and interesting but retain their authentic form that has not so far been affected by visitors. The virgin landscape of Bhutan, the unique architecture of its building in the form evolved centuries ago, and miles and miles of uninhabited terrain stood in sharp contrast to the crowded trekking trails in the neighboring countries. The impressive and colorful Dzongs, and the beauty of its people, and their dresses which blended in perfect harmony with each other, left an everlasting impression on the visitors to Bhutan.

Weather of Bhutan in November

Autumn is best time of the year in Bhutan.
November is the end of autumn season in Bhutan and beginning of winter. The temperatures start to drop and is much cooler compared to October. Especially at night and early mornings. Despite of the drop in temperature, one can experience sunny and clear days with dry vegetations and no rainfall. The temperature varies in different parts of the country due to the difference in altitude.

Temperature Charts of Western and Central Bhutan

What to wear in Bhutan in November?

Wear the best cloths, a set of warm cotton clothes and sun cap for bright day is best to prepare for November season.
As November can be cold and hot at the same time, recommend you to carry extra layers of cloths. Thick jackets and mufflers can come in handy. But again extra layers are recommended as you can remove it every time you feel hot. If you are trekking during this month do not forget your trekking boots, hats, gloves, sleeping bags if you want to carry your own. Chances of rainfall are very less and can experience warn sunny days as well.

What to Pack for Bhutan in November?

Here is a list of things to Carry during the Bhutan visit in November.

  • Sunscreen with SPF 50 and UV protection sunglass.
  • Comfortable hiking Boots.
  • Long pants and shirts to visit temples and Dzongs.
  • Camera with enough space for photography.
  • Enough cash to purchase goods as many don’t accept Visa cards.
  • Good sunglasses to protect from bright sunlight.
  • Hand sanitizer and facemask to keep yourself safe.
  • Personal medication.

Places to Visit in Bhutan

November is the best time to visit western and Central Bhutan as the weather and climatic condition at this time of the year remains favorable and many festivals happening around these places. Western Bhutan includes places like Thimphu, Paro, Punakha, and Wangdi. Central Bhutan includes places like Bumthang, and Trongsa where the temperature is lesser than western Bhutan.

Things to do in Bhutan

Here are the popular picks you can do in Bhutan in November.

Festival in November 2022

There is numerous festival in November 2022. All festival in Bhutan has a very unique feature that represents the places, oral history, tradition where the Bhutanese pass on values, mythology, and spiritual beliefs through dance dramas. People’s deep faith and devotion make these festivals a special occasion. Some of the most popular festivals you can combine with the Bhutan Tour are

The Best Accommodation you can select in Bhutan

Like any other country, Bhutan has recently started having International chains of Hotel after tourism started booming in the country. Tourism is the second largest hard currency earner the country is in the process of developing the Tourism industry with different products. Bhutan has hotels starting from Budget hotel starting from USD 20 to luxury 5 start Hotel costing the hefty amount of US$ 2200.00. We have carefully selected only best hotels for your tour of Bhutan. We can also book other accommodation based on the choice of our clients.

Hotel in Paro

Luxury Hotel Amankora

Uma by Como is the best Hotel in Paro if you choose luxury travel Accommodation in Bhutan. It is an intimate, 29-room resort featuring the most exclusive private villas in Bhutan with an enviable location in the Paro Valley. Read the Reviews.

Hotel in Thimphu

Luxury Taj Tashi Hotel in Thimphu

Hotel Taj Tashi is a 5-star hotel centrally located in Thimphu city. Nestled in the hearts of Thimphu Valley, the 5-star hotel in Bhutan is the gateway to a magical land brimming with fascinating mythology. Read the Hotel Reviews.

Hotel in Punakha

Hotel in Punakha

Hotel RKPO is a luxury 4-star hotel with the best traditional experience of Bhutan. The RKPO Green Resort is located in Punakha Valley and its location is very convenient for visiting almost all of the attractions in this area.

Hotel in Phobjikha

Luxury Hotel Amankora

Hotel Gangtey Goenpa Lodge is local luxury Hotel owned by Bhutanese with high class service. Discover Gangtey Lodge, a multi-award-winning, sustainably minded, luxury lodge offering adventure, pristine nature, spiritual and cultural engagement. Read the Hotel Reviews.

Hotel in Bumthang

12 Days Amankora Bhutan Tour

Hotel Amankora is a luxury brand with only 13 rooms in hotels in Bumthang. The 16-suite Amankora Bumthang Lodge rests adjacent to the Wandichholing Palace, within the town of Jakar in the Choekhor Valley. Read the Hotel Reviews